4 Quick Steps to finding your niche

Niche Business Ideas

Step 1. Identify what you are really interested in

Do you have any special skills in a particular area? Perhaps it’s something you have had experience with, or it may be something you have thought about doing for a long time, but not tried out yet.


Here are a few examples:
Fixing cars, Cooking vegan meals, Reviewing software, Reviewing products, Helping people set up an online business, losing weight, dressing nicely (maybe you have an eye for fashion) … etc., etc.

Step 2. Research your niche. Is there a market for it?

Identify problems other people are having within your niche and come up with ideas on how you can help these people out. You can use sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Redditt, etc to get this information. People in these sorts of communities like to share their experiences. It’s a great source of information.

  • What are some of the problems and frustrations they are having?
  • Use search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to do some keyword research. A very useful to use is for this is the Jaaxy Keyword Tool. It will help you narrow down your keywords to the most relevant ones relating to search volume, competition, etc.
  • You may even come up with niches within your niche. Sort of Sub-niches if you like.

Check out Jaaxy here:


Step 3. Check out your competition

Read potential competitor posts, see what they are talking about, and determine if you can offer better information. Perhaps you can present it in a way that is easier for people to understand. A lot of the time you don’t have to reinvent the wheel – just make an existing product or service better.

Step 4. Does your niche have the potential to make money?

Here is where you are going to determine if there is potential to make money from your niche market.

You need to find out what sort of search volume is occurring with certain keywords. If the search volume is high, this is potentially a good sign, and if you can find a good search volume combined with relatively low competition, this is even more powerful.

Now you have your niche, it’s time to test it out.

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