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7 Top Tips for Fiverr Users

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Fiverr has been around for almost a decade. If you are looking to create or tweak content for your blog or even a Word Press website, Fiverr is a great option to look at. It has many features, including Fiverr translation, logo design, illustration, social media, and voice tools.

Many people who require content for their online business use Fiverr so they can free up labor-intensive time to do other things. Some use it because their writing skills are not quite where they need them to be.

Even if you don’t plan on becoming a regular user, It’s a pretty good platform to have on the back burner …. just in case.


7 Fabulous Fiverr Tips

1. You can Contact the Seller

before hitting the “Order” Button

free BUY
free EMAIL button

Buyers and sellers can message each other before placing an order. It is essential that you don’t rush the process, even after finding the right gig for your needs. There’s a Contact Me button near the seller’s profile. You can use the window to briefly describe your requirements and get to know the seller a bit.

This is also a good practice when using a seller that you have not used before. See the Pros and Cons at the bottom of this article.

2. Avoid using numerous accounts

free Attention sign

Fiverr only allows one active
account per user, and if someone is caught trying to bypass this rule, they will find their accounts disabled. The platform provides further detail on this in its Terms of Service. Also, pay close attention when choosing your username because you cannot change it after registration.

3. Negotiate (maybe)

free negotiate

It’s not wise to always try to negotiate on the prices. However, take a few moments to contemplate your budget before you request an offer. If your limit is close to the price offered, you may be able to make a deal. Otherwise, you may need to adjust your order. I would suggest it an unwise try and negotiate just because you feel like it, or like doing it. Remember, if the writer feels slighted, it will generally be reflected in the quality of the work you receive.

4. The Fiverr App makes it easier 

free APP icon

Familiarize yourself with free mobile apps for both Android and IOS devices. This way, you can promptly reply to the messages and not only that, you can browse gigs on the go and boost your list of Favorites.

5. Adopt best practices for quick results

free best practices

For quick results, you should pay attention to several things. If you want to receive a fast reply to your request, you need to find sellers that are marked Online. You can see the icon in the upper-right corner of their profile.

A complex project might require several days (or even weeks) for completion, but the minimum delivery time for a standard gig on Fiverr is one day. Sellers specify this in the delivery time of the gig. If you want a super-fast delivery, then you need to message the seller to find out if they can deliver it in your required timeframe.

There is generally a radio button that you can select during the order process that specifies faster delivery, and this comes at an additional cost.

6. Unless it’s necessary, avoid giving bad ratings

free bad review

If you are not happy with the results, it’s always a good move to message the seller and explain the reason. Ratings are critical to sellers, so it’s a good idea to be kind and allow them to modify their work instead of leaving a bad rating. Most of the sellers will genuinely appreciate this effort and, will try to meet your requirements.

7. To tip or not to tip

hamnd money resized

You will get a notification from Fiverr after the delivery of the project. The next step is for you to review it. You can skip this step. It goes after three days anyway, but as stated earlier, reviews are critical to sellers so, take a few minutes and leave a personalized one. There’s nothing quite like receiving a compliment on a job well done.

Fiverr gives you the option of leaving a tip for the seller if you wish to. It’s an excellent way to show your appreciation when you see that the seller has clearly gone above and beyond, and might just help the seller out with some expenses.

Fiverr:  A few Pros and Cons

Pros with tick
  • Easy to sign up and get started
  •  Having your content written by someone else can free up a lot of time where you can do other important tasks.
  •  Relatively inexpensive
Cons with X 1
  • Possibility of fraudulent sellers. You need to take care when choosing a gig.  (Most of these are $5 gigs, so not really a big deal).
  • The interface has some issues. With incorrect information passing through the ordering process.  Always make sure to double-check your order before hitting the purchase button. And, contact your seller if something is not correct.

I hope these tips help you out if you intend to use Fiverr for your content. Want to promote Fiverr

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