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It is great to have you visiting my website.

My name is Ana. In this article, you’ll read how it took me a long time and a lot of frustration before I found the answers I was seeking.  I won’t deny it was really hard, but it’s been worth it.

I have researched Online opportunities for a number of years. In fact, I signed up for several services but never used them as I couldn’t find a service that could guide me or teach me the basics, let alone set me up for long-term reliable income. Most importantly, I couldn’t find one that I felt was legitimate and was not just a get-rich-quick scheme.

I don’t want to suggest that you can make money online without working hard and dedicating time to make it happen. I am here to share the online business opportunity that I found, and how you can explore it for yourself. Who knows, it might be the right choice for you too.

If it is your goal to work online from anywhere, using your laptop or computer, please read on.

My Journey

At the age of 12, I already knew that not having money was an issue. I used to have all these ideas about working and making money to help my mom, my grandmother, and my sisters. We had very little, and despite being labeled poor, we managed to have food on our table. For some, it’s very embarrassing to share their background, especially if they come from limited means.

Life is unpredictable, and for many people, advancement opportunities are based on income, social status, where you live, etc. Things changed for me when I moved to California to live with my dad. Moving to a new city opened a new world of opportunities to learn English and have a better chance in life, and here I am. I went to school and had several jobs that have allowed me to help others.

My experience began working at for-profit and non-profit organizations, selling products & services, door knocking, researching, and cold calling. When I worked as a Memorial Counselor in 2000, the product was not easy to sell. It was not a topic that people wanted to talk about, and even less, prepare for. I did, however, do very well and was a top salesperson.

Today, the world has changed dramatically and so has the way we buy things. In the past, to buy a product or a service, you needed someone to sell it to you via home parties, mail-in orders with magazines, and newspaper prints. Gosh, you even had to wait for the salesperson to deliver the product. Now we can buy a product online and receive it in anywhere from minutes to just a day or so.

The Internet is vast and offers virtually unlimited ways for anyone to help people find what they are looking for. However, the information must be categorized so people can find this information easily.  This is why Google became so successful. They figured out how to let everyone find anything. This opens up tremendous opportunities for people who know a particular subject. They now have the ability to pass on this knowledge to large numbers of people in any part of the world – all at the same time.

My journey looking for an online opportunity began back in 2005 without success. I found that most of it were an up-sell game, and I got tired of reading the same story over and over. So much so, that I thought I’d never find something legitimate, much less something that could actually produce an income. I constantly asked myself “Are these people really making all this money online, or are they all lying? How did they buy all these fancy homes and cars? Is it all just a scam? etc., etc.”.  Many thoughts ran through my head, and I had to find answers.

March 2018

Last year – 2018, I saw a number of people close to me lose their jobs without notice. It affected me greatly, seeing someone in a management position become jobless and worry sick about their future. It reminded me that even in a low unemployment environment, companies can and do, let people go.

With that in mind, my interest came back to continuing my search online for affiliate marketing opportunities. I Researched keywords such as working from home, affiliates, part-time jobs, work from home. You name it; I searched them all. I used all of the major search engines – Google, Bing, YouTube. My old ClickBank account needed updating.

I read extensively about online marketing and being careful to avoid scams. I came across many ads and videos claiming you can make money fast. I was getting quite frustrated and had to take a breather from all of the searchings, and endless research. I did some reflecting and re-read a tiny book I have about “writing down my goals.” I knew I wanted to do something online but just couldn’t find something suitable.

So, after a break, I came back determined to find something that worked. My first month online was intense. My goal was to read blogs and watch videos and just about anything that came to me about affiliate marketing. I went to sleep late many nights, trying to make sense of all the information.

If it was true that people were making money online, then surely someone legitimate must be teaching others how to do it. I started thinking deeply about how I buy things on the Internet and concluded that if all of this interaction was going on, then many people were probably involved at different levels to make it all happen. And with these activities occurring every second of every day, there must be people making a lot of money from it. “But where?”

So, I looked more into online marketing. This line of thinking was pushing me closer and closer toward affiliate marketing. I started visiting many blogs and websites talking about affiliate opportunities. After a long battle, I began to get a good feeling about this. I saw a bit of light at the end of the tunnel!

July 2018

With renewed optimism and focus, I felt I was really starting to get somewhere. I came across a website sharing information about an online company where they had a platform to assist in starting your own affiliate online business, and they even allowed you to sign up for a free account. No credit card was required either.

I decided to check it out and join for free. I felt good about this company and saw the value in its platform. I upgraded my membership after only three (3) days. There was an option where, if I upgraded within seven (7) days I would get the first month for only $19 ( a 61% discount). I had nothing to lose and everything to gain … So, I took it.

What I really liked was that I was not being pressured to upgrade. This was a welcome relief after all the up-sells and shady tactics I encountered throughout my years of research. Also, I learned that this company had not increased its fees in many years.

I felt both nervous and excited as I progressed through the training. I realized that signing up was giving me the opportunity to take full advantage of the resources within the website and the community they have.

Helping Others

I am sharing the story of my quest to find a legitimate online business opportunity because it took me so many years to find this incredible platform. It has enabled me to learn how to create a website, and to build a “real” online business where I can share valuable information while working from home (or anywhere that has an Internet connection for that matter).

It makes me feel good to pass on this information, and I hope it can help people avoid the years of frustration I went through trying to find a company with ethical values and all the necessary information to get an online business up and running.

My Mission with Simply Connect and Share

A host of Internet and online services are available today, which make our life much easier. They provide a unique opportunity to be self-sufficient and have more freedom to enjoy life. This may mean different things to each person. It may mean more money, more time to spend with your family, more time to travel the world, the opportunity to retire earlier, and so on.

Our time is valuable, and there’s a limited number of hours each day. If we can allocate some of it to the right business, we can achieve the financial freedom that we all are searching for.

I love the fact that I can choose the hours I work on my online business, and I can do it from anywhere. It took me years to find a legitimate company that provides logical step-by-step training on how to correctly build a foundation, and a business that can provide me with sustainable income year after year.

Well, at least for me it’s been quite a journey getting to this point, but now, at last, I know I’m on the right path.

Thank you for stopping by to take a peek at my site. I may be visiting your site to read your story. Please keep me posted as I will be happy to stop by.

Wishing you much success,

All the best, 🙂



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