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My name is Ana ~

I am super happy that you decided to stop by and learn a little about me. At an early, age learned that I had to work hard to enjoy a better life and be able to help my family. We were traditionally taught good principles and to respect and be helpful to others. Additionally, I grew up in a religious family, read my Bible from beginning to end twice.


I decided to create my website simplyconnectandshare.com to share reviews and a health condition that affected my life very deeply since a teenager. I am sharing how I changed my life, and this is no longer an issue for me. My site also provides space for job postings and online business opportunities ads. There is a range of categories that ads can be posted under.


I have always been a person that didn’t share much with others in terms of my private life or struggles, whether they were related to health, money, family matters, etc., In fact, today, where social media is so common, I am only starting to join online groups like Google plus, Instagram, etc. I decided to create this space to help others post job postings to help people looking for jobs. I am always connecting my friends with job opportunities, and also know of many people losing their jobs. If I can help someone find an opportunity, it would give me satisfaction if I can help. 


Once again, thank you for your time, and I hope that you find useful information on my site. You can leave a comment in any of the posts. I’ll be happy to reply.


All the best, 🙂




P.S. I like squirrels, they a naughty and this picture is from my small backyard, they are so cute! 

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