Best YouTube Videos

I am posting videos that I have watched and used for my web learning process! It is hard to try to do it on your own, so whenever I am lost I go to YouTube. I have found this incredible service to be a resource for finding how to do so many things. I am not the best to create videos, but I am learning now, so in the near future, I can share my own videos to help others! In the meantime, I decided to share what I have found that are amazing videos.

Migrating A Site

This is a very helpful video. I find this channel with great content, and super easy to follow instructions.

Setting up Google Domain Gmail Forwarding

I was a bit lost on how to set-up my Google Domain Email forwarding, and I found this excellent video that helped me set-up mine with no issues. Great videos are done by this channel. I hope it helps as it helped me.

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