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For every website, whether they are just starting out or have been around for a while, getting web traffic is extremely important. You might have pages on different social media that will guide people to your website, but what you need is to get that high ranking on search pages like Google or Bing so …

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The minimum wage

Minimum Wage

Are you tired of making peanuts? Are you fed up being paid so little, while others are getting much larger paychecks? Minimum wages do not necessarily cover people’s minimum living expenses. More of us these days need to supplement our income with 2nd and sometimes, even 3rd jobs. We are told that inflation is low …

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Women working from home

Women Working From Home

Many women juggle multiple tasks in their lives. Working from home is a dream for some, and a necessity for others. As women, most of us run a household, look after our family (which can also include aging parents), do laundry, clean the house and manage finances, etc.  Yeap, keeping it all together can be …

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