Improve Your Grammar Writing Skills with Grammarly

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Is your typing painfully slow? Is your grammar good, average, poor, or downright terrible?

No one likes to proofread their writing and make corrections. And it’s even worse if you have spent long hours typing because your typing speed is a bit slow.

It is a fact that proofreading your writing is a hectic and painful task. Every writer has been through the embarrassment of a silly typo or a grammatical mistake in an article they thought to be a masterpiece!  Even authors, who have access to good proofreaders, often leave a grammatical error (or more) in their publication.

This article is about two great tools that I have found very useful for creating content for my website.

Grammarly – You own grammar assistant

It’s only human to make mistakes, but it’s smart to avoid these errors. A simple and easy way to do this is to use Grammarly.

It is the most accurate online spellchecking, grammar-checking, and plagiarism-detecting software that you will find. The benefits of this app are countless. It’s a writing tool that assists you and checks for several errors, including:

What does Grammarly check?

Grammar and punctuation:
The app provides real-time suggestions on how to correct these mistakes.
Below in this picture, I am using Grammarly on Microsoft Word.

Grammarly Word scaled
Improve Your Grammar Writing Skills with Grammarly 9

Genre-specific writing style:
The app helps you self-edit your work by giving you insights about your sentence structure, sentence length, etc. according to your genre.

Vocabulary enhancement:
Grammarly has an excellent database of vocabulary. It offers suggestions that improve your usage of vocabulary, and it’s in real-time. Learn new words and see them in a variety of contexts. It’s worth some effort to improve your vocabulary because it’ll make your writing stronger and have a more significant impact. As you use it more, your choice of words will get less repetitive.

It corrects any spelling errors that you might have made.

Plagiarism detection:
One of the most significant advantages of using this app is the fact that it compares your writing with more than 16 billion web pages across the internet to detect any plagiarism. It’s an excellent product for students, professional writers, bloggers, content writers, authors, and many more people.

The Grammarly app acts as a second line of defense, making your writing clear and precise. Even native English speakers can benefit from it. The app has options for users where they can choose which English they would like to use.

You’re probably wondering how this application works. The good news is that it’s easy for every person in every age bracket to use. You copy and paste your text into Grammarly’s editor, or you can download the free browser extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari. The application then flags potential errors in the text and suggests content-specific corrections. The app even acts as a teacher and explains why what you wrote was grammatically incorrect!

You can either register with a free account or the premium account. Let’s compare the services offered in each:

Membership options and costs

Free account: The only feature you get is the critical grammar and spelling check.

Premium Account:  If you register yourself in a premium account, you get all of the features available on the app.

In a nutshell, the Grammarly free app will highlight necessary spelling and grammar mistakes, whereas the premium app will provide more detailed suggestions. According to the app, premium account users suffer from less stress and develop stronger writing skills. So if you’re looking to polish your literary work and publish professional-level articles, the premium is the way to go!

Breakdown of Premium costs:
Monthly:  $29.95 per month
Quarterly:  $59.95  (this equates to $19.98 per month)
Annually:  $139.95  (this equates to $11.66 per month)

With the annual membership, you are receiving a discount of 61% compared to the monthly plan.

What applications does it work with?

The application isn’t only effortless to use, but it’s also easily accessible to users through different platforms. You can use Grammarly almost everywhere, including:

  • An add-in for Microsoft Office
  • Browser
  • Grammarly keyboard for smartphones
  • Grammarly Native dashboard

Grammarly is used worldwide by more than 23 million writers, 50,000 schools, and 300,000 teachers, and are licensed by more than 600 leading universities and corporations.

It helps students achieve their goals, improve their essays, reports, and research papers. Moreover, it assists professionals with expert guidance and instant feedback with 100% accuracy.  It is an efficient, affordable, and most importantly, a time-saving writing tool that should be in everyone’s toolbox.

it’s one of those things that, once we use it, we wonder how we ever got along without it.

Grammarly Pros and Cons

Thumbs up
Improve Your Grammar Writing Skills with Grammarly 10

The Good

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Has a very nice, logical user interface.
  • The accuracy is excellent. It gets most things right.
  • It has excellent explanations for each proposed correction.
  • It all happens in real-time.
  • If you have a word you often use, and Grammarly picks it up as a mistake, you can add it to the dictionary. Then, the next time you use it (provided it’s spelled correctly), Grammarly will not highlight it for correction. It’s not quite A.I. smart, but pretty smart nonetheless.
Thumbs Down
Improve Your Grammar Writing Skills with Grammarly 11

The not so good

  • You only get a spelling and grammar check on the free version.
  • Grammarly doesn’t work on Google Docs. This, no doubt, annoys many people.
  • Grammarly finds ways to try and get you to upgrade. It comes in the form of advertising and emails.
  • Sometimes it’s too good! By this, I mean that sometimes writing needs to be written the way we speak in order for it to flow. Grammarly will often make suggestions, underlined in yellow, on how you may improve it somewhat. It’s not a big deal as you don’t need to change it if you don’t like the suggestion.

I am personally using Grammarly and I must say that It has helped a great deal with my writing. I am writing a lot of long emails and processes for my work, and I am totally happy with the service as it helps me even suggesting statements to sound better.

Try the free version and see for yourself what it can do for you.

Are you still typing with two fingers?

If you are, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve progressed to four-fingers. That’s great, BUT you’re still only utilizing a low percentage of your available digits.

Here’s a free typing tool that will get you up to speed not only to learn to type but also for those that want to increase speed. – Free Typing Lessons Online

Typing Club
Improve Your Grammar Writing Skills with Grammarly 12

In order to write content in any sort of volume, you need some typing skills. Two-finger typing won’t get the job done.

The great thing about it is that with a little time each day you can get very good, in a short time. is a free website where you can progressively work through a logical learning process that will have you see results very quickly.

Typing Club Home Row
Improve Your Grammar Writing Skills with Grammarly 13

Initially, you will learn about the HOME ROW, the “bumps” on the F & J keys, and correct finger placement.

You then move onto lessons for each one of these keys, followed by a combination of them all. It is carefully designed for organic improvement and becomes a lot of fun. You look forward to moving onto the next lesson.

Improve Your Grammar Writing Skills with Grammarly 14

The lessons mix up the practice process, so both your accuracy and speed increase together. Some lessons, like the one pictured below, do not show the keyboard. It’s well thought out, so you eventually never look at anything that resembles a keyboard. Typing becomes a reflex action, based on memory recall of repetitive practice. After all, that’s the way any professional gets good at anything. Tiger Woods hit hundreds of thousands of golf balls before he became an expert.  Michael Jordan became great by relentless, deliberate practice.

TypingClub free lessons
Improve Your Grammar Writing Skills with Grammarly 15

With more than 660 lessons you’ll never get bored with the typing exercises. It will challenge you on every level. As you advance, you can pick activities based on specific subjects such as Grammar, Health, Social Media, Founding Fathers, and Dolphins.

In addition, the Typing Club is also a Google for Education Partner.

Wrapping it up

If you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, or writer, the two tools mentioned in this article can offer some benefits for you.

Writing content can be time-consuming and tedious. So, the faster you can get it done, the better. If you want to become a better typist, you might like to give a try.

Being faster and more accurate when typing is a great asset to have, but you want to ensure that what you’ve have written, is of excellent quality with no spelling and grammatical errors. It also needs to be free of plagiarism. Grammarly is one of the best tools for this.

Learn about Grammarly from Wikipedia.

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