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A Fantastic Desing Online Tool

Canva is quite popular among individuals who create business cards, presentations, and social media graphics. Canva saves a lot of time and money and lets professionals create excellent graphics without training costly desktop design tools.

You can access some fantastic features with the help of Canva Pro, such as Canva Animator, Magic Resize, Brand kit management, download designs with transparent backgrounds, and free content exclusive to the subscribers.

Among the various new features is working with a team and adding different levels for the people, be its administrators, members, and template designers. This works out great for both large and small businesses and even those who are working with a designer. UpWorthy and Huffington Post happen to be the two most popular websites and users of Canva Pro.

You can even add designs and comments and remix the designs. They might even show up in Canva. The new feature allows design sharing in the team stream so the team members could share comments and ideas on the designs.

Here are the 5 different plans:

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Enterprise
  • Education
  • Non-Profit

Key Features of Canva Pro

Here are the key features of Canva Pro:

  • You can save branded templates and create templates for anything from presentations to social media graphics, ensuring consistency. Along with that, it boosts teams from marketing, social media, and sales to come up with their own on-brand graphics.
  • You can now keep your brand guidelines up-to-date and in one place as you can now centralize brand colors, fonts, and logos. This allows your team to use and access your colors, fonts, and logos on their own designs.
  • The option of magically resize designs is available now that lets you resize a design into all the formats that you need fast. All you have to do is create a design once and then optimize it for the various social media channels you use. You can access this feature on desktop browsers only as Resize is available solely for Canva Pro.

After creating a design you like, you hit the magic resign button, and you would see all the sizes you need for marketing and promoting your blog post with the help of the present sizes in Canva or your custom dimensions.

  • Now your employees will never get stuck and waste time in finding the right logo as you can now organize the images into folders.
  • Canva Pro is an ideal option for all organizations, big or small. You can ask the rest of your team to collaborate on the project. It allows an internal commenting system to better communication and workflow.

Be it, brand managers or professional designers, Canva Pro is all set to woo all. It will allow a greater level of control over a brand by setting up the brand’s custom templates and brand assets in Canva. The existing Canva service would remain free, whereas Canva Pro is available at $12.95 per user/month. If you pay yearly it is $119.40.

I use Canva all the time, and I cannot do my daily work without the program; it makes my life a breeze for any design that I need. It is indeed one of the best tools available. I used the free version for more than a year, and then I decided to upgrade due to the need for extra features. But I must say the free version was amazing for what I needed before upgrading.

Another reason I love Canva is that they support non-profits organizations with their free plan to support organizations helping communities.


I hope this information is useful for your search for the best and easy design tool. You can watch a helpful video on my article about 5 Fabulous free image services, and it includes a section on Canva.

Want to learn a bit more about Canva, you can visit their site or read this article on Wikipedia.

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