College Students Business Ideas

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How to make money as a college student online


You are young and live in a wonderful time full of endless opportunities. Make the most of it… don’t waste a minute!

If you are currently going to college and are looking for a job, but you cannot find one that can accommodate your schedule, you might want to consider starting an online business.

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I want to share an opportunity with you where you can work from your dorm, apartment, the library, or anywhere that you have access to either a desktop or laptop with the Internet.

The business presented here is not a get rich scam. You will have to dedicate time to make it work, but if you do, it may even help pay for your college debt in the future, and perhaps even create a sizable income for years to come. Moreover, you can test out this opportunity for free.

Having the opportunity to get a degree is a wonderful gift. No one will be able to take away this knowledge from you. However, you can supplement this learning by building an online business.

Students Business Ideas

Attending college can be very expensive. Cost should not be a deterrent to completing your degree. To the contrary, it should be an incentive to work smart and hard to make the money to pay for it. The most satisfying feeling is to work and earn money with honesty doing what we love. If you like helping people, then you will find that life can be very rewarding. The most successful people in the world love what they do and enjoy helping others. If you can help others solve their problems, you can also make money.

Many students have to rely on more than one method of paying for their education, and it can be quite a challenge to find work that fits in with college commitments. That is where an online, part-time business can be of help. Yes, it won’t be the instant pay-by-the-hour income that many people require, but if you are looking to build something over a little longer period, then it may just be what you are looking for.

Do you need extra money to help pay the costs or even make extra for your daily expenses?

So what job choices do college students normally have?

  1. Part-time student jobs: These jobs may be an option if you have a flexible schedule, but they generally won’t allow you a great deal of freedom to choose the hours you work.
  2. Summer jobs: If you want a short term this may be a fit, but not long enough to help cover expenses

None of these jobs offer you true flexibility. They pay-by-the-hour and cannot be “scaled” you’ll always be clock-watching and be very limited with the amount you can earn. Also, all of them require you to report to a Boss, like it or not. You will have to travel too and deal with all the problems that this creates. Imagine building a successful online business from your dorm room or apartment; keeping your own hours; not having to go outside on cold, wet days when you have time off… So wouldn’t you rather be your own Boss and start your own business?

Your advantage as a student

You are young and have a lot of time, energy and enthusiasm. Ask anyone who is older what they would give to be young in this wonderful time of the internet and technology. The wonderful thing about many college students is that they have 24/7 access to, and are probably very knowledgeable about social media, computers & cell phones. This amazing technology offers anyone endless opportunities to start their own online business, and it can be done for very little cost.

Here are a few of the topics to consider where you can make money online

  • Be a Tutor – Share your skills with others and earn money while doing it.
  • Product Reviews
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling Products for others
  • Selling your own product/s
  • Building websites
  • Coaching
  • SEO
  • Creating Websites

You can create an online business that helps people solve their problems. It may be a natural thing for you, and at the same time, you can be making money.

Whatever your passion is, it can be turned into a successful online or offline business with the proper training. You can do this while you study. Who knows where it could lead you after college there’s no limit to the earnings you can produce.

Here is a list of tools this opportunity offers.

  • Online marketing education
  • Websites
  • Hosting
  • Site Content
  • Keywords
  • Community
  • Support
  • Success

If you dedicate yourself, you can be successful at college and, at the same time be building a successful online business.

Time is valuable, and what you do with it will shape your future.

Learn More

Check out this opportunity for free – no credit card required. Click Here!

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14 thoughts on “College Students Business Ideas”

  1. Thank you for this welcome advice. My niece is really battling to pay her tuition, as she got a bursary and now the government hasn’t paid it for this year yet. Her parents are not in a position to help much, but I am going to show her this article. She loves working on computers and she is an English Major, so writing and selling goods online may be just what she needs to learn to do to supplement her income while she is studying.

    She only has a few hours of spare time a day though, so I wonder if she could still make some extra cash doing this part-time?

    • Hi Michel,

      The affiliate marketing business does take time before it may produce revenue. Some people, however, produce faster results than others, and I do hope she finds a suitable online venture to suit her needs.

      Thank you for your comment.


  2. Excellent topic! Very informative and helpful to college students and well written. I really like the positive message here. Every college student should be reading this post. Flexibility is always important but especially for college students everywhere. You spelled out exactly what you are getting at in bullet points and referenced one of the best online communities! I encourage all students to follow the link in this post 🙂

    • Hi Pentrental,

      I really appreciate your constructive comment. I too hope that this article gets read by as many students as possible so they can take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that an online business can offer.

      To your success,


  3. Dear Ana,

    Thanks a lot for the helpful and informative post. How I wish I had found your great article before itself! It would have saved me a lot of time, effort and money.

    To be honest, in our church youth group and in my friends circle everyone is looking for a work from home part-time job. While doing some search to help them, I came across your insightful post and I am going to share your post with my friends and in the church youth group. I believe they will find guide lines and helpful insights from your post. 

    I also got some ideas after reading your post. Thanks for the Great inspiring post! This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others. Because of the increased number of online scams via this post you are doing great service in guiding people towards the right direction, hats off.

    Great information, you have really given a lot of value here.

    Much Success!


    • Hi Paul,

      I am glad you found this post very helpful.

      College is always a great path to do, but the high cost to get an education is steep for parents, and students have to get a lot of loans to be able to study. I think it is essential that students take on part-time online opportunities to help their parents with such high expenses. If they ended up having to get student loans, they could build an online business opportunity to pay off their student loans sooner. I believe a good education is something no one can take away from you, but also we live in an era that college tuition is so expensive, and I hope I can help those students looking for the right online business opportunity.

      Thank you for stopping by. 

      Wish you the best,


  4. Good information this is. I am out of college but I believe those in college should strongly consider this and the good thing also is that those out of college can do this too as a side hustle. Like myself, I design websites amongst other online income stuff and it has really been helpful. The beautiful thing about having an online income source is it will remain there for as long as you want, and it can also be a soft place to land when things get a little difficult. 

    • Hi Owillz,

      Thanks for stopping by. Happy to hear you are having some success with your online businesses. I agree that these days it is a good strategy to have a few sources of income.

      Keep up the good work,


  5. Hello ana

    thanks for this helpful article, time is valuable and I truly agree with that I just graduated last year, and regret the time I’ve wasted in college. If I could go back I would use time more wisely and start my online business ( because I know building an online business required lots of time), but no it doesn’t matter at all now, better late than never, I will do it anyway right now, I like this topic so much, and definitely I will share this to my friends who still are students,

    • Hi Bill,

      You are still so young. It’s certainly not a waste of time you attending college. No knowledge is wasted. Keep up with the training and your efforts will pay off. 

      Wishing you much success.


  6. Since they are already mentioned in this article, the opportunity of affiliate marketing and selling products to others, I’d like to add that if a college student learn how to sell subscriptions online, there’s a great potential of earning recurring commissions that pays every month. This type of income is also called Residual Income, and this is very ideal for students. Residual income, once established it can pay the student a “do-it-once, get-paid-for-a-lifetime” type of income.

    With regard to your recommended opportunity, if it is true that a student can join the program without the need of a credit card, then it’s really a good opportunity. Except for the affluent few, most students don’t have credit cards yet as they don’t have financial qualifications yet. That is unless the card issued to the student was issued upon the request of a parent. With this opportunity if one can join the program without needing a credit card, then I must say it’s a very good one. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Gomer,

      Thanks for your comments. Yes, there are many ways to earn income once you are up and running, and memberships are just one of them. In fact, repeat subscriptions of any kind (especially if the affiliate program is a lifetime one) are very nice indeed. Regarding the ‘no credit card required’ -This is how I signed up initially. But soon after I took advantage of the annual discounted membership. 

      Kind regards,


  7. How I wish I came in contact with this post during my college days, i would probably have become a major online presence by now. All I knew then was just taking surveys to earn little money. Now, I’ve amassed a lot of information on this post and surely would share it with my college cousin. At least, being a personal boss from school days would state total independence after graduating from school. Thanks for this info

    • Hi RoDarrick,

      Glad you enjoyed the article. I too wish I had found WA a few years ago. Like you … learning every day. It’s great!

      Wish you much success.



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