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Being a field interviewer can be challenging. It is often up to you to engage in contact with people to collect data.

That’s why some people prefer to break into this profession remotely. Numerous agencies and institutes offer Field interviewing phone jobs to gather Research for their needs.

Westat, NORC, the Research Triangle Institute, Mathematica, and most colleges and universities hire data collectors through these channels.

Your responsibilities in this position include contacting schools, businesses, and homes to conduct interviews with respondents. You’ll follow paper or computer-assisted questionnaires and surveys to collect source-based Research.

Full and part-time positions are sometimes available if you’re interested in the Field of interviewing for phone jobs. You have to check-in and apply at their websites to see if they have phone interviewing positions available. You can also check to see if they have any openings for in-person Field interviewing. Due to Covid-19, these positions may not be open at this time. You can also read an article on Field Interviewing Jobs: Could You Be a Field Interviewer?

Working as a Field Interviewer, whether in person or over the phone, requires commitment and following protocols and guidelines set by the research organization. One great thing about this work is that training is provided no different than any other job.

Here is a list of Research Organizations that may have openings.

Headway Workforce Solutions:

They hire interviewers for many organizations such as Research Triangle Institute (RTI). You have to apply at Headway Workforce Solutions to work for RTI as a Field Interviewer. The home page has detailed information about their organization. You will also see some of the organization’s logos they hire interviewers to work for are listed there. To apply, you have to go to Myheadway. You will need to create a profile and apply there for any available positions. Note: Headway offers jobs not only for Research but for other job types, and many job opportunities are nationwide. I worked for headway and I was happy with them.


At the University of Chicago: you can visit their (field interviewer page) and the home page here. I worked as a Field Interviewer for them and did one project, and my experience with the company was great.

Rand Corporation

You can check their site to see what positions they have. I used to work for them awhile back as a Field Interviewer. It was a great place to work for in-person interviews. Not sure if they are currently hiring, but it is great to have them booked marked. I did more than one project, and indeed it was an excellent experience for me. Feel free to visit their website.


A great company to work with and I have been working for them since 2011, and I worked on many different research projects for them. The training is excellent, and it is rewarding to know you are making a difference in the research world. When you visit their site, if you are looking for the Field Interviewing positions. Visit here and select “Field” to take you to the page “Field Information Gateway.” You will see the Projects Currently hiring.


It is an organization that hires staff as Field Interviewers – you have to check their site to see what they have available. Visit their site for career information. I could not work for them as I was so busy with other research companies, but this is apparently a great company to find a job opportunity as a field interviewer.  I have added the link—Part-Time Data Collection information.


Most of my work for these companies was part-time, and sometimes the hours were different every week, depending on the workload.

This has been a great way to make extra income. I have 20 years of Field Interviewing, so these are the best companies I have worked for.

Note none of these research organizations on this page are paying me to add them to my site. I am sharing these resources as they can help someone looking for a job. I have worked for all except Mathematica.

You must apply and qualify to be a Field Interviewer. I hope this information listed here is helpful to anyone looking for a job.

Interested in learning more about Field Research. Click here to learn more.

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