How to Find Incredible Non-Profit Jobs

Non Profit Jobs

A job should do more for you than provide a paycheck that pays your bills. Your work should feel fulfilling!


When you work daily to help others, each action taken gives meaning to what you are doing. Whether you’re looking for your first job after school or starting an encore career, these options can help you find an employment opportunity that matters.

Where Are the Best Places to Find Non-profit Jobs?

The best place for non-profit job openings or employment information is through your local community organizations. Local websites, newspapers, and publications broadcast available openings routinely so that you can find a position that lets you help people each day.

If you look beyond your hometown, these resources can show you what is available in numerous nonprofit sectors. All of them are free, although you may need to register for an account. Currently, it would be helpful to inquire about nonprofit work-home jobs.

1. Commongood Careers (is now part of Koya Leadership Partners)

This organization is a search firm for nonprofit managers. You can apply for positions that companies need to fill. When your profile matches an opportunity, you might get the chance to apply for your dream job. Click here to learn more

2. Candid

You’ll get access to more philanthropy information in the nonprofit sector through this resource. If you dig into their platform, you’ll notice a job board that features openings at several foundations and tax-exempt companies.

3. The Bridgespan Group

You’ll discover paid openings for part- and full-time work when using this resource. Several volunteer positions and board openings get advertised on this platform frequently. This resource is an excellent choice for anyone interested in expanding their leadership skills while focusing on jobs that help others.

4. Encore

This website is dedicated to people who have already retired from their first career. If you’re thinking about going back to work, the job listings page on this site looks through listings to see what nonprofit work might be suitable for your needs. You can search by location or the skills you have.

5. Idealist

This clearinghouse provides a massive job board that supports over 80,000 nonprofit organizations. On most days, you’ll find over 10,000 open positions in its database to help you find the best place for your talents and skills. You’ll want to visit their volunteer resource center if you feel that it may be necessary to gain some experience before pursuing full-time work.

6. The Chronicle of Philanthropy

This publication is the primary news resource for those interested in philanthropic efforts. You’ll typically find about a thousand open positions in areas like programming, fundraising, or administrative support.

How to Increase Your Chances for Success

Once you decide what resources work best for your needs, please remember to sign up for any free alerts, newsletters, or emails offered. You can also connect with them on social media.

These networking actions can give you a heads up about any new job postings. When you’re the first to fill out an application, it may raise your profile to get the attention needed to land an interview or that dream job.

For non-profit info click here.

Please confirm with each of the listed resources above. Information on my site is for educational purposes.

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