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Best Ways to Make Money In Your Spare Time

Best Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time

Making Money While Working a Full-Time Job

I think everyone is trying to make extra money, and it is not easy to make extra cash when we are working a full-time job that doesn’t pay enough to cover all the expenses people nowadays have.


Have you ever heard the expression: I have no time for anything else? I am super busy. Etc. Yes, I say that all the time myself. But we can always make time, and you can find ways to make money with the spare time you will find.

First, let’s discuss how we can identify things we do with our time, how valuable it is, and how you may arrange your schedule to find extra time.

People spend time watching TV, shopping, reading online, watching YouTube, or simply going around the shopping malls, spending time on the phone, with friends, or texting.

There could be a lot of activities that can be cut down in order to find the extra time, and if serious about making extra money, the next step would be to set up a schedule.

How much time is needed to make extra money? how many hours? 5-20 hours? Once you decide, it will be easier to set up your goals.

  • Evenings
  • Weekends

The bottom line is finding some hours to work and bringing in some extra money can potentially help your financial goals long-term.

Identify What other things you love to do

Make a list of things you may enjoy that can bring extra cash.

  • Translation (do you know another language)
  • Knitting
  • Pet Sitting
  • Making calls
  • Research
  • Surveys
  • YouTube

For example, I used to be a Spanish tutor, and the pay was $15 an hour. I used to enjoy helping the student understand and learn the language. It was simple and easy as I was there to help with her textbook and help her pronounce the words in Spanish. It was fun and rewarding.

We all have many passions that we can excel in, find joy in, and get rewarded. For example, perhaps you love presenting or taking short videos that you can post on YouTube.

The following step is to spread the word and connect with others; possible opportunities may come when you least expect them.

I had a second part-time job for years doing fieldwork that increased my income very nicely. I did the second job only in my spare time.

The first opportunity for a second job came from a friend’s sister who connected me, I started pretty much a second career off and on. Once the door opened. I kept applying for new projects, as they used to end between 6 months to a year.  I always had a second job that used to pay me well. Yes, I worked evenings and weekends only. I am not kidding; my second job became a source of income, and I made between $15k-$25K a year.

It is crucial to set up goals and not rush; take it one step at a time. The next thing you know, you will be making extra money consistently if you stick to doing something you will love to do.

Connecting With The Right Group of People

It is incredible what can happen when you connect with individuals with similar passions and are honest people. Learn to identify when people are sharing work opportunities that are real, like with anything. Always double-check the sources.

  • Church
  • Social media
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Friends
  • ads

Goals are essential, and a Positive Mindset.

If you are set on finding work to do in your spare time, it will happen if you are determined and think about it, but you must also take action.

  • Be always positive
  • Write down your goals
  • Keep your goals secret
  • Smiling
  • Be on time for your jobs

Many years ago, I was in debt, and I was looking for a second job. I shared with an excellent friend that I was looking for a second job to work in my spare time, and it was a simple conversation. I remember that many months went by, and one day out of the blue, I received a call, and she said my sister said her company has some openings to work in the field. Are you interested in applying? No guarantees, but she said maybe there might be an opportunity.  

All she did for me was to say there are openings; the rest was me. I Sure did apply and went through the interview process. The rest for me is history; ever since I have worked in my spare time for 20 years. Working in my spare time changed my life with extra money to pay for different things and help my family.

Keep connected and most important be prepared with references, if you find a temporary job that may last a few months, leave your best impression, and make yourself indispensable, they may have another job or recommend you. That is precisely my own experience.


You are your best advocate to find great opportunities! Money is not everything in life, but it sure helps survive.

Well, I hope this information is helpful to you. You can also check my article on how to get 5 free lessons on how to start an online business, and create an account for free. You may also want to check my article on research companies that hire on a part-time basis for Field Interviewing.

Leave me a comment below if you have found success or found a way to make extra money!

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