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Quick Info

What is it? A web-based Keyword Research Tool

Founders: Kyle Loudon & Carson Lim

Price: Free (30 searches), $49/mth, $99/mth

Training: Very comprehensive

Support: Great, always helpful and fast responses to my questions

Best for: Affiliate marketers, website developers, content writers, bloggers Businesses of all sizes looking to expand their marketing.

My Take: I use it and highly recommend it.

Why everyone is crazy about it

I am going to share with you how to use Jaaxy for everything related to keywords.

With more than 500 million brand new keywords searched every day in Google alone, you can see why it’s vitally important to have the right tools.

Jaaxy helps you quickly sort and analyze vast amounts of information in seconds so you can determine the validity of your keyword. It will save you a lot of time, thereby freeing you up to focus on other important things.

I personally use it for all my keyword searching. I can find any keyword’s traffic and competition numbers almost instantly. Jaaxy makes the process very fast, seamless and easy to understand.

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When I started my online business, I didn’t know anything about traffic, keywords and how Google, Bing and Yahoo track & rank them. But using Jaaxy has opened up a whole new world for me. To run a business effectively and competitively, we need the most advanced tools available. It wasn’t that many years ago when none of these tools existed. And now with mobile devices taking over, it’s incredible how far we’ve come in such a short period.

It’s important to understand how certain factors affect rankings in Google, and how these factors differ for each search engine such as Yahoo and Bing. Jaaxy allows you to analyze rankings across ALL search engines.

It is not just affiliate marketers who use Jaaxy either. Many small, medium and large companies look for keyword data to market their businesses. Jaaxy gives them all the information they need right at their fingertips including Traffic, Competition (QSR), Ranking and Domain information.

snip jaaxy list

In the above chart, I evaluate 3 important factors to quickly see if a keyword is suitable for my content.

Average Over 30 Traffic: This is the overall monthly traffic that my keyword phrase gets globally.

Traffic: This is the estimated amount of traffic you can expect if ranked on the first page of Google for this keyword phrase.

QSR Quoted Research Result: This is the exact number of results on Google that you are competing with. In other words, it’s the competition you have. Naturally, I want a low number (generally under 100) for this result.

KQI Keyword Quality Indicator: Results are either Great, Normal or Poor. Personally, I try to identify keyword phrases that have a KQI of Great.

Let’s take a look at Jaaxy’s features

Jaaxy Lite is FREE with my #1 recommendation

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  • Search millions of keywords fast and get instant data feedback.
  • Analyze your competition by understanding them.
  • 99 % search engine coverage – Google, Bing & Yahoo data is pulled within Jaaxy.
  • Keyword Management – Save, store, and export your results.

Niches – Alphabet Soup Platform

  • Generate powerful alphabetical keyword lists from a single search.
  • Find the low-hanging-fruit niches & improve your odds of getting ranked.
  • Use the Brainstorm feature to assess the hottest search trends and product information.
  • Use the Affiliate Search Function to locate new lucrative ideas.


  • Check out what your SEO competition is up to by finding out what ranking factors are helping their rankings.
  • Reverse engineer other websites to see what makes them successful.
  • Find out what ranking factors affect results in each search engine. They all use their own algorithms and processes to rank websites.

SiteRank for SEO

  • Now it’s easier than ever to find out what your website ranking is for the big 3 search engines. It’s critical that you have consistent data on where your keywords rank.
  • SiteRank automates this process and keeps you informed where you are positioned even as rankings continuously change.

snip jaaxy rankings

  • Also, keep an eye on your competition’s rankings compared to yours.
  • Find out how effective your backlinks are in terms of SEO.
  • If your website is set up in SiteRank, you can track your website rankings over periods of time and graph them for each search engine.


  • Instantly find high-value domains.
  • Set up a domain portfolio of names you are interested in.
  • Local businesses can uncover high-quality local domains.
  • Purchase your domain/s in seconds, and you can do it in bulk too.

Pricing Plan comparison

Pricing plan


Jaaxy is the best keyword search tool I have found since beginning my online business. It is updated with new tools when necessary, thereby ensuring that I always stay a step ahead of, or at least compete with my competition on a level playing field.

Even though Jaaxy is not totally free, here are two ways you can use it for free:

1. You can test it out and get 30 searches for free.

2. You can get Jaaxy Lite totally free when you sign up for what I consider is the world’s best affiliate marketing training.

I hope this post has provided you with valuable information to further your online business success. I like to hear more about your experience using keyword search tools.

To learn more about keywords please click here.

Thank you,


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12 thoughts on “Jaaxy: A Very Cool Tool”

  1. You and I must have had a Kismet moment when we both decided to write about Jaaxy in the same day. In fact I just finished my own review and was using Jaaxy to tidy up the search engine optimization and stopped in at Wealthy Affiliate where I saw your announcement.

    Jaaxy is an amazing add-on to any blog or website and is so easy to use once you get past the technical terms like QSR and SEO. Your review makes these important terms friendly and something relatable and I pray your readers feel the value you are giving them with this super tool.

    • Hi Andy,

      I have been using Jaaxy for about eight months, and I am super happy with all the features it has. My favorite is how I can save my list, and also how I can narrow down the average over 30 traffic, the traffic and the QSR – Under 100. It is super cool to have a program like Jaaxy because it helps to use time wisely with the searches, and also to write relevant, unique content so that people searching can benefit from content shared online.

      Thanks for stopping by,



  2. Hi Ana. 

    I found the article really informative. There were things I didn’t know about Jaxxy and exactly how it works. The break down and the explanation was great. Even though the tool is really easy to use, you need to target the right keywords and make sure the Avg and the QSRs are good enough to get rank on the main search engines, otherwise, you may write articles with good content, but without a worthy keyword. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • Hi Andres,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I’m glad you found some information that was useful to you.  This is what we all strive to do as part of Wealthy Affiliates. All the best with your online endeavors.


  3. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Jaxxy which is the one tool I cannot function without as a blogger and affiliate marketer.

    The way you laid it out is perfect and informative. I love how you can test it for free, this is how you know Jaxxy is a product that is of high quality, they’re confident that once you try it you will come back for more. Based on my own experience this is a tool that’s an absolute must for anyone who is looking to drive traffic for their online business. Thanks for the article.

    • Hi Son,

      Thank for stopping by and reading my article. I too use Jaaxy every day and agree it’s indispensable. 

      I wish you the best with your online business.


  4. My experience with Jaaxy is similar to yours. One feature I particularly like is the related keyword function. Users can get thousands of words related to their target keyword in seconds. Many of the related words are long-tail keywords, which is a big help. Jaaxy Lite as part of the Wealthy Affiliate program is probably the best way to go. Jaaxy could be better if it would return more than 35 keyword search results. 

    • Hi Glen,

      Thank you for your feedback. Like most programs, they can be improved. I imagine if they get enough suggestions, they may expand the list limits.

      Wishing you much success,


  5. Hi Ana, I heard about the jaaxy program before. I knew that it was about how to use keywords to have a better opportunity within the Google search engine optimization. And if it is, But your article gave me all the information that I needed. Jaxy really is a complete tool to set our web pages on a better position inside google search engine. Thank you for sharing a very informative article about jaaxy. 

    Thanks Ana

    Great Article I love it.

    • Hi Urbano,

      I use Jaaxy every day and agree with you about its merits.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.


  6. Hi Ana,

    Interesting article, I currently use a tool called Long Tail keyword for my keyword research. I came across this article as I’m in the market for something new. A lot of the features are similar, what I like in particular about Jaaxy is that you can search for domains and then purchase them, how does that work?



    • Hi Nate,

      I am glad you found the article helpful. Yes, when you actually do a search for a keyword it has the feature to display the domain names related to your keyword you have searched for. It will list both not available and available domain names which you can purchase by simply clicking on the link beside the word available (Buy this domain)

      Once you click “Buy this domain” it will bring a new page with pricing details. 

      I hope this helps.

      All the best, 



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