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Are you ready to start? Enjoy working from your home and also make your dreams come true. How to learn affiliate marketing online to make money. If your objective is to make passive income, you are in the best time and website to find the tools you require. Whether you are promoting your preferred products or sharing your unique information, and helping others with your blog. It is now more than ever, that you can do it from home or anywhere you have access to a laptop and internet connection to start an online business. Is your goal to be independent and successful? I will share my journey and just how I started, and just how you can start your exciting online journey today!


You may have questions, so just how do you begin? Where to discover the right tools? That can educate you in a step-by-step plan? Exactly how do you establish your own website to start your Online Business?

If you are here reading this write-up, you will undoubtedly uncover outstanding resources on this website. And the very first affiliate educational platform I signed up with. An effective educational system to discover a vast array of lessons, which helped me establish this website. It has also placed me on track to set up goals to grow my online business. Uncover expertise information for different particular niches, and most importantly, discover how to build a passive income during these challenging times.

I frequently asked myself the questions below, and I ask you today.

Do you want to take a trip without needing to stress over answering to a manager? Do you want to invest more time with your family or acquire the essential things you want in your life? Or help your family members economically? Secure for your youngsters’ college tuition or nephews? or in my case support my mom.

You are not alone if you happen to answer yes to any of the questions. I have been there like you.

As you can see, my dream is to have a website to share helpful resources. Some years ago, it was out of the question. Now, my desire has actually come true, and I want to share how I managed to get it done. Below are several of the few subjects you will learn if you sign up.

  • Website Creation
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Hosting Info
  • Domains Info
  • Community
  • Collaboration
  • WordPress

After years of researching online. I have uncovered several resources totally free and also paid. In this blog post, I mention Wealthy Affiliate and exactly how their platform helped me get this website up. I want to state that it calls for “commitment” as well as “dedication” and the willingness to establish a schedule for your training courses to learn the ropes of how to set up your online business! If you are serious about generating income, this is the moment to start and commit to yourself and no one else as I did.

Nevertheless, you will never ever find out if you can do well unless you try. I wish to share that it has actually been a delightful experience for me. I was told at the beginning of my journey that starting an online business is hard; not many individuals are successful. I got negative comments from some people. But I ignore the comments, and I figure it will not hurt to try it. I was told that I would certainly find it very difficult to create a WordPress site. Not true at all. The steps in the lessons made it possible for me to create the site.

Nowadays, it is not as complex as it may have been 10-15 years ago to create a site. Advancement in technology and Innovation has developed, and the setup of a site is more straightforward than back then.

Learning Affiliate Marketing

Serious about making money online? If you are. Like with anything, anybody wishing to do well calls for a great perspective and a positive attitude, setting up goals and objectives. In this instance, you have 10 free lessons. If you sign up, you can set up your everyday time and also finish it in 5 days, 2 lessons per day (Awesome Goal) if your schedule is tight, you can do a lesson per day to start with, and see if this platform is the best and ideal answer for you. You are in control of your schedule.

You are not going to be asked to join with a credit card, which is terrific. You have time to choose if you want to upgrade. If it is not for you well, you gave it a try! This is with no doubt why I really liked the platform. It allowed me to decide for myself whether to stay or leave.

Let’s Review The Platform!

The system has an easy design and is also simple to browse. Listed below, you will see some summaries and even images to provide you with a feeling of it.

The Dashboard is the landing page you see when you log in as soon as you are a member. It will undoubtedly detail blog posts from members. It is created for members to share posts on numerous subjects such as progression, success stories, and many of these postings provide an opportunity for member collaboration and feedback. All participants can see the messages as well as the discussion of the posts. It is motivating to see the many stories of success of others providing updates.

Dashboard Wealthy Affiliate scaled

Here Are Some Of The Sections That Are Updated Daily. The Community Is Very Active.

  • Members Blogs
  • New Members
  • Affiliate Stats
  • Top 10 Blogs
  • Recent Questions
  • New Blogs
  • WA Members know How to Rank
  • Success is Happening at WA
  • WA Motivation Stories
  • Member Accomplishments
  • Top 10 Training

Learn on Demand, At Your Own Pace

The training is available on-demand, which means that you can do the activities/lessons as your schedule allows you to complete. It is divided as follows: I particularly like step-by-step. The courses are a combination of videos and text. Have a question during your training? There is live chat since the platform is 24/7, and there are members from all over the world. Someone will most likely answer you.

Online Entrepreneur Certification: It is 5 Courses (Levels), 50 Lessons

Affiliate Bootcamp: It is 7 Courses (Phases), 70 Lessons

My Training Activity: It outlines your progress to help you see where you are.

Training HQ: This is an area where you can see all sorts of training tutorials available by topics that can be narrow down for example a tutorial on WordPress.

OEC Training

A View of the Affiliate Bootcamp highlighting 7 Courses, and 70 Lessons.

Bootcamp Training

Website Management

Managing your sites is not difficult. There is an area called “Websites”, as you see in the picture below. It is broken down by Site Manager, Site Builder, Site Domains, Site Content, Site Comments, Site Feedback, and Site Support. Keep in mind that you can hold your sites here and have your domain somewhere else, or you can have your domain names right here and maintain your site with another host. You can also host and buy your domain names right here, So you have choices for your preference.

Website Manager Page


Don’t worry they are not boring, they are needed to succeed!

As I discussed before, the very first 10 lessons are totally free, as well as you can examine the lessons that are a combination of video clips and text content, an extremely user-friendly step-by-step method. Let’s take a quick look at the list by title.

  • Getting Rolling
  • Understanding How to Make Money Online
  • Choose a Niche
  • Building Your Own Niche Website
  • Setting Up Your Website
  • Getting Your Site Ready for Search Engines
  • Creating Your Initial Website Content
  • Creating Custom Menus on Your Website
  • Understanding Keywords, The Start of Your Content
  • Congratulations and Your Next Steps
Wealthy-Affiliate-Lesson 1 - Get Rolling

Live Training Classes Every Friday

A schedule of upcoming classes is posted and you can join when you are a Premium member. The live Coach is Jay, he is very knowledgeable and you can ask questions live.


For Research, you are offered Jaaxy Lite, which helps you do keyword research. You can review my Jaaxy post to take a look at this particular service. If you subscribe to be a Premium Member the lite version is included. Besides doing keyword research, it is handy as you can check your website rankings for search engines Google, Bing, and also Yahoo.


There are many different affiliate programs readily available. In this area, you can find several possibilities to subscribe once your website has enough content material and you have visitors. You will certainly find out all the ins and out of the promotion component as you go along with the lessons. I have a post on Affiliate Programs that you can take a look on


You will certainly have the chance to utilize the content editor within WA, or you can select to make use of the editor directly in WordPress. All these will be described during the lessons. Awesome feature!


The Help Support option is where you will be going to get assistance for Site Support, Ask a question, send Private Messages, as well as you can also access Online Conversation from here. Although Live Chat is visible as you log in. You can sign up with Live Chat from this area too. It is not mandatory, however you can if you need to.

Success stories from Wealthy Affiliate Members

Highlights of real people having success as entrepreneurs.

Nathaniell has been working on his online business for many years! He has kindly let me share his success on my site.

Nathaniell Success Testimony

More Testimonials

HUGE $100k Affiliate Commission

2K+ Affiliate Program

You Can Join Completely Free
No Credit Card Required
10 Lessons at no charge


Making a decision, to begin with, any kind of online program to learn how you can generate income online is a personal decision. The tools are offered online if you start looking for information. There are countless websites with all sorts of opportunities. I spent a lot of hours researching, and ultimately, I discovered the place to help me jump on the roadway of having this site. My experience of discovering more in-depth about what is available online has been amazing. It has served me well for my personal development. If you most likely go to YouTube or any Search Engine on how to generate income online and start an online business, you will discover numerous programs. I welcome you to my website and hope that some of the information right here helps you in your quest to finding what is right for you. It cost nothing to check out the Educational Platform on Affiliate Marketing shared on this post! Join Today Get Your 10 Free Lessons Below!

Collaboration Team Work

A Platform for Affiliate Marketers!

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