MACALLY Adjustable Cup Holder Mount

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What I like about these cup holder mounts

  • They are very well-made.
  • The flexible neck is strong and keeps your device in view.
  • The phone-clamping mechanism is sturdy and well-thought-out.
  • It grips the cup holder really well.
  • No tools required to set up.
  • Fits all Smartphones and can be rotated 360 degrees.
  • The price is great

High-Quality Materials 

The materials on every part of this unit are of high quality. The entire unit is nicely finished and is strong, and I believe mine will last a very long time. The rubber/foam on the phone holder is just the right density and grip the phone nicely.

The flexible neck is strong and keeps your device in view:

Some phone holders on the market have a skinny neck which causes the unit to be unstable when driving and also can cause your phone to move from its original position gradually. We are happy that this company has eliminated this problem by using a robust neck. The neck is strong enough that it keeps your phone in its original position under all the driving conditions that we have experienced. Your phone will always be in view for maximum ease of use.

The phone-clamping mechanism is sturdy and well-thought-out:  

Once you flip out the two tabs at the bottom and press the release button on the back of the unit, you are ready to place your device into the holder. Then simply squeeze in the sides until firm against your device.

The push button release on the lower back of the unit is a great idea. The side clamps release instantly once the button is pressed, allowing fast removal of your device.


It grips the cup holder really well: 

The cup holder mechanism is really well-made and once tightened, stays tightly in position. The range of adjustment is from approximately 2.7″ to 3.7″ as shown in the above pictures. According to product specs, the width range of the phone-grabber is from about 2.7″ out to 4.1″.

No tools required to set up:

There are no tools required or needed to install this item in your vehicle.

Fits all Smartphones and can be rotated 360 degrees:

This unit can be rotated a full 360 degrees which is handy for a landscape view of your device. The specs also mention that it fits all Smartphones including all iPhones and iPods, all Samsung Galaxy phones, all Samsung Notes. I have a recent model iPhone, and it works great.

Choosing the correct size for your vehicle.

Initially, I purchased the 4″ unit first and subsequently found that I needed it a little higher in the vehicle, so then bought the 8″ unit. I kept the 4″ unit because it is inexpensive, well-made, and I thought will likely use it in another vehicle later on.

As a general guide, we found that the 4″ unit allows the bottom of your phone to sit about 4″-5″ above the top of your cup holder and the 8″ unit has the bottom of the phone sitting about 6″-7″ above the top of the cup holder. These measurements assume the phone is in the portrait position and slightly tilted back. The 8″ Super Long unit allows more flexibility regarding positioning your phone off-center due to the longer neck and is an excellent option for cup holders that are further away from the driver, lower in the vehicle or are in a bit of an awkward location.

The price is great:

I am very pleased with the price of these units. Considering the quality of materials and that they are very well-built, I believe that they will last a very long time.

See the 8″ unit on Amazon.

See the 4″ unit on Amazon.

I hope you enjoyed my review. I only review products that I feel are of great value and well-built.

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