Making money online by selling products

In this post, I will show how you can learn to sell products online. There are hundreds of products that you can choose to either promote or to sell. I have been searching for a great way to learn to sell any product or service. Nowadays the Internet is like the info line or a lifeline. It is an open source to help people’s dreams and to become independent while assisting people to find what they need or want. As with everything in life, no one is born with knowledge, so learning any new skill requires proper training to become successful at it. You also need to know this is not a get rich scam and you will not become rich all of a sudden. That is not the purpose of the training that I am sharing with you. So, let’s get rolling.

When people buy products they look for quality, a trusted brand, best reviews, word of mouth, a friend’s recommendation, or sometimes the best price, specials, or irresistible discounts.

You may be wondering how do you start?

You need four (4) basics steps as your foundation:

  1. A Niche, a topic or a product, – something you are passionate about
  2. Build a Website
  3. Attract Visitors
  4. Generate Revenue

Do you have to sell a product of your own?

If you are new to selling products, you may be wondering. Do I need my product?

The answer is no. You can market any product by joining free affiliate programs that many companies offer, and they compensate you for every sale that a visitor to your website buys. If you display ads on your site or you write genuine reviews, and excellent content, when visitors click on your ads, the ads have a link with a unique tracking code that belongs to you. You can market the products on your site, social media, advertisements, free organic traffic. We will be exploring shortly some of the most popular companies that carry millions of products that you can market.

What is an Affiliate Marketer?

In the affiliate world, you are the link, or the connector, between customers and companies selling products. There are millions of people searching for good quality products online. I have to say, that back in the ’90s, not in a million years I dreamed that I would be buying many products online, but guess what, like myself millions of people I often search the Internet for good products. Here is where you can come into play. However, before we discuss how you can be part of it, let’s talk about Affiliate Marketing and how you can become a successful marketer.

Affiliate Marketing ana created it1

  1. Customers
  2. Your website
  3. Products
  4. You earn money $

For example, here is a list of free affiliate programs, and by the way, you should never have to pay to join an affiliate program.

  • Amazon Associates
  • eBay
  • PBS (Public Broadcast Service)
  • ClickBank
  • FlexOffers

There are endless opportunities for you to get involved and link paying customers to millions of products available online. Affiliate Marketing is a vast opportunity to look into as a potential business you can run from your laptop and from virtually anywhere.

Here’s a list of products, and there are hundreds more to choose from.

  • Body care
  • Books
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • Jewelry
  • Make-up
  • Toys

selling products

 The Foundation

Now, that we have talked about products. I want to share with you how Wealthy Affiliate can help you step by step, by providing you the foundation needed to learn how to sell products online or be an affiliate marketing person. If you are seriously looking for real training that will teach you the affiliate marketing business, learn how to set-up a website from scratch, learn how to narrow down and select a niche, learn how to do reviews by creating genuine content, SEO, and be part of a helpful community, please continue reading.

Dedication is essential to becoming a successful affiliate marketer, your willingness to devote time to learn the proper way to market any product(s) of your choice will help you with your online journey. There are many people online saying that you can make easy money and they want people to sign up and pay thousands of dollars for training, courses, and so forth. Avoid spending excessive amounts of dollars to start your online marketing experience. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free starter membership to begin to see if it is your cup of tea, and you can decide to move forward if you want to. Starting is free, secure and you can cancel your free membership anytime. You receive ten (10) free lessons to test it out, and two (2) websites. Many services don’t let you have a free trial, but Wealthy Affiliate is different; you have nothing to lose because you have the opportunity to join for free. Let’s review below.

The Starter Membership: What Is Included

The chart below explains the two membership options.

new comparison banner

1 Free website

SiteRubix 1

10 free lessons by Title below


The next step after the free starter membership

Once you have experienced the WA free membership, you will see that the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the real deal. Perhaps you’d now like to give the premium membership a try if you’re serious about having an affiliate marketing business. When I became a Premium Member, I found payment options very flexible for my budget and the training and support is worth the small cost. My annual fee is far less than my cell phone service, and I get to learn how to build and run an online business of my own.

Premium Membership Payment Options:

Monthly: $49


Buying and selling consumer goods has never been easier than now, the difference from the old days is that we have the convenience of the internet and with the click of a button we can buy or sell products, and services without having to leave the comfort of our home. Back in the old days, people were selling by telephone, door to door, magazines, and newspaper. I became a Memorial Counselor selling cemetery plots, and I was doing in-home presentations, door knocking, cold calling, and through friend referrals. I was successful, but again it did require training and the motivation to do it. Many times I found myself all alone having to learn the ins and outs of selling out in the field and with much competition. It was hard work! I even try selling make-up products with ever-changing brochures that were difficult to follow and the prices changing from campaign to campaign. The internet and Affiliate Marketing is a dream come true for me in every possible way by allowing me to work from home and not be driving around to find customers. Finding Wealthy Affiliate has been a fantastic experience for me so far, and I’ve learned so much already.

Take action today. Please don’t delay, give it a try, after all, is free to start.

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Don’t forget to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Thank you for reading.

With gratitude,


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18 thoughts on “Making money online by selling products”

  1. Sometimes I feel confused about the best page to learn affiliate marketing. For sure, you have given me rich information about wealthy affiliate. I have been trying the website for around a month already. I really love the way everything is explain and I like the fact that you provided a really good feedback before I proceed into this. Thanks for all the information and for clearing my mind.

    • Hi Andres,

      I am glad my article helped you clear a few things up. I would say follow the training step-by-step and persevere. 

      All the very best, 


  2. Informative and detailed article about Wealthy Affiliate. You describe the four basic steps, What is an affiliate marketer, etc. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for learning about affiliate marketing out there. More people should know this and join Wealthy Affiliate so thank you for the information and Good luck.

    • Hi Peeters, 

      Yes, WA has so many tools to offer many people so they can learn the affiliate marketing the right way. I am glad that you found the article informative and helpful.

      Best wishes,


  3. There are many ways to earn money online and the market is only growing. Wealthy Affiliate gave me the tools to build my own website and allowed me to test the product before committing my money to the program. Affiliate marketing has the added advantage over say drop shipping in that it is far less capital intensive and allows newbies like myself to learn about the online world without risking all our savings to do so.

    In my opinion, everyone interested in online business should check WA out and test the free product to see if its for you or not.


    • Hi Rich,

      I couldn’t agree more with you, I was able to join for free as well and I upon seeing the value, signed up for the premium membership. I have learned so much and this website is a testament that the training works. I didn’t know anything about building a website, but here I am now with my own.

      Thanks so much and wish you great success.


  4. Thank you for such a comprehensive review of making money online by selling products.  It is true that with Wealthy Affiliate one can make a living online at the comfort of their home within any niche area. It has given everyone an opportunity to choose their passion and build a business around it.

    • Hi Rutz,

      I am glad that you found the article helpful and yes WA has excellent training to help people achieve success working from their home. It does take work and dedication to accomplish this. Everything we need is online. It is up to people to take action and take advantage of the full step-by-step online lessons here at WA. 

      I wish you all the best,


  5. Hi, Anna nice Website promoting WA. As a fellow member and term user, I understand just how good the product you are promoting is for anyone. You cover it nicely so anyone can understand where they are going. Good pictures and links and nice, clear and understandable.
    Best wishes with this
    peter H

    • Hi Peter,

      I looked online for a great training course for many years, and WA has lived up to my expectations. I hope that I can help as many people as possible to find WA and get the excellent training I have received. 

      I wish you success with your business,


  6. Hey there,

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. You’ve explained the concept very well. It does take time and it needs work to build an audience, drive traffic and start selling. But, if you stay focus, consistent and follow the training, you will, in time, get the results you want 🙂



    • Hey Marios,

      I totally agree with you and thank you for reading my post. It does take time to create great content and drive traffic to any site, and most importantly bringing value to your visitors and providing excellent information is vital.

      Again, many thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. 


  7. Hi Ana.

    Wow this is a great article. The info is very clear and well organised. 
    Crystal clear explanation about affiliate marketing as well as the Wealthy Affiliate program, what it is and how it works.
    Wealthy Affiliate seems to be a really great value for the money and not a get rich quick scheme.
    Wish you all the best

    • Hi Geni,

      Thank you for your comment. Glad you enjoyed the article.

      Wealthy Affiliate rocks! …. Love the training.


  8. Great review. Ana I myself just finished my review not long ago and it’s nowhere compared to yours. I was having problems trying to upload the starter vs premium chart. I think it looks great in the post. Your content is reader-friendly and your character bounces off of every sentence that you write.  If there are any flaws it’s only the spacing in the paragraphs. Other than that you have a nice post with enough information to get a sign-up. Way to go Ana keep up the great work .👍😉💯

    • Hi Tavares,

      Thank you for your very nice comment.

      There is a lot to digest when setting up website etc, and I am working on things like paragraph spacing. I do appreciate you catching that.

      You can drop me a line in the chat room or PM me. Perhaps I may be able to help in some small way.



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