New Zealand Trip – South Island

Enjoy these beautiful photos of this breathtaking country!

I visited in December 2019 – till mid-January 2020. I was fortunate to travel some parts of the South Island, enjoy the incredible scenery, and meet my in-laws. Indeed, New Zealand is more beautiful than the shows you see on TV. We drove to the West Coast from Nelson to visit Greymouth and Runanga; then we headed to Timaru, which was quite an adventure.

The two-lane roads were an unfamiliar experience for me. They drive on the right side rather than the left, which takes quite some time to get used to. I drove the rented car for about three blocks; then my husband drove us everywhere we went.  

The one-way bridges were fascinating; drivers have to give way by waiting until approaching vehicles are off the bridge. As we drove along the road, we saw many farms with sheep and cows, and the splendor of the landscape connects any person with nature. I saw some small towns where life seems so relaxing. Visiting Christchurch and experiencing canoeing on the Avon River was exhilarating.

The Botanical Gardens were spectacular. In Timaru, I went at night to see the penguins arrive at the beach. Wow! It was magical to see them come out of the sea. Noteworthy, the penguins looked up at the crow and made noises as if they were telling us, what are you looking at? Some of them have quite an attitude.

It was all wonderful. I hope to visit again when the Covid virus subsides, as I would love to see more places.


West Coast – Punakaiki River


Christchurch Cathedral


Driving to the Coast

More photos to be posted. Such an incredible trip!

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