Great Portable Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth

Sony SRS- XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth, Blue – Review 

I love listening to music whenever I have time. I use music as a tool to relax and enjoy my life. When I am feeling a little flat, listening to music really helps my stress levels.

I had been looking for a good quality, not too expensive, wireless Bluetooth’s speaker whom I can use anywhere in the house when streaming music from my iPad or my iPhone. Finally, I decided to buy the Sony brand after researching and finding that these had excellent reviews online.  The price was comfortable for my budget. I am happy with my decision. This speaker is perfect. I love that there were different colors to choose from – blue, red, white and black. I really like this product because it has great sound and no connectivity issues. I listen to music regularly when taking a shower or whenever I am doing home chores, that require me to be all over the house.  I chose blue as it is one of my favorite colors.

Sony Wireless Speakers SRS-XB10




Bluetooth – the pairing is easy, and you can play music from your iPhone or iPad using any music application like YouTube, my apple music application, Spotify, etc.

Speakers – Very good sound.

Lightweight – I bring it with me to different rooms in the house, and when on vacation.

Colors –– it comes in a variety of colors. Choose the color that best fits your personality.

Battery life: 16 hours.

Size – the size is perfect to carry in my handbag to enjoy your music anywhere.

Product weight:  0.6 pounds.

Water-resistant – Do not submerge into the water. It will resist splashes of water but not underwater.

Micro USB Charger – Easy to charge. The cord is relatively short (about 27″ long). It works just fine for me as I have a USB charging station where I plug all my devices into.

Extra Bass  –  The sound is really nice for the size and price and has good depth.

Sony-wireless-speakers-bluetooth-water resistant

It is perfect when I want to take a shower, or I am organizing my room and want to hear music, while I am doing my housework. It is easy to carry in my purse as it is small.

Where to buy:  You can check stores that carry computers and/or technology products, and you can also buy it at

I hope you find this review helpful.  For me, this product is just great.

4 thoughts on “Great Portable Wireless Speakers with Bluetooth”

  1. Thanks for the information, I have been searching a bit for a Bluetooth speaker and I know Sony has a great reputation for quality. Many of the other speakers I purchased have been in the lower price range, but this probably would be best suited for my home/office instead of the mini ones I use on trips.

    • Hi Scott,

      I really like this speaker, it has been very reliable and had it already for over a year. You can buy anywhere and there are more selections and different prices. I had bought a less expensive one from another brand and ended up returning it. This one does the job for me and I really like it.



  2. This is a nice, and well written Sony Speaker explanation you have here. I’m a big Sony fan, and I usually go for the brands I’m more comfortable with, and I could 100% see myself purchasing one like this. Bluetooth speakers are amazing, they are so versatile, and offer great sound for any occasion. I have a couple here at home, and I’m just like yourself, I use them everywhere. This specific speaker color and battery life catches my eye for the price. I like that its battery life is up to 16 hours! Some high end models don’t give you that. Thanks for sharing your article, I really enjoyed reading it today.

    • Hi Michael,

      Sony has some awesome products I definitely like this speaker. It just makes life a little easier. I even used them for a music game at work.




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