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Finding the proper tools to make an internet site may take time when starting a web business. However, I have outlined excellent helpful tools that may help as you begin your online business.


Domains for websites

Google Domains is a service I am using for my site. After watching some YouTube videos. I realized that Google has this service. So, I did my researched and decided to utilize their service.

My experience so far has been great. I received excellent customer service from Google representatives when I had some questions.

The other two reasons I chose Google are they do not have a low introductory payment and then have a high price increase. I like to know what I will be paying from the start. Also, they offer the ability to do email forwarding to Gmail at no additional cost.

You can check a YouTube video that shows the steps to set it up. Click my favorite YouTube Videos and go to this section on my article. Setting up Google Domain Gmail Forwarding.


Namecheap is another domain registrar and hosting service as well and looking for a domain name. If you are looking to check whether your favorite domain is available, type the name and search away.

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap


The hosting company is very important as it will host your site, basically the foundation for your business.

There are three hosting companies that recommends.

Bluehost is a hosting company servicing over 2 Million websites, and they are offering an excellent platform for WordPress users. They are listed in as one of the recommended hosting providers.

Dreamhost is another hosting provider listed in as one of their hosting providers recommended. I am using Dreamhost for this site, and so far, I have been satisfied with the service.

Purpose Office 728x90 1

There are different plans to choose from:

Site Ground is the third option in in their hosting section. It also states that they have an excellent platform for WordPress users. One-Click Install
Three plans to choose from:

  • StartUp
  • GrowBig
  • GoGeek

Namecheap has hosting services as well.


Many excellent free themes with tons of features and an excellent choice to start when creating your site.

You can check the site to view the themes. Many companies offer a free theme, and if the customer needs more customization, an upgrade is available, sometimes for a yearly fee or a one-time fee.

Doing research online and finding out how long and reliable a company is will help you decide your next move.

header dark asset

The GeneratePress company offers a free version, and you can test it out and see if it might suit your website design.

GeneratePress The paid version has a site library. You can pick a design from the library to build your brand new site.

Unfortunately, the site-library only comes with the paid version. Like with anything, there is a learning curve to understand how to use this theme. I have spent time watching some videos to learn more quickly.

Their customer service has been excellent and answered my questions as I have the paid version.

Here are some of the features and customization that are simple to do if using this theme.

  • Menu Customization
  • Headers
  • Footers
  • Up-Bottom
  • Color Customization
  • Fonts
  • Blocks

Check this video going over the Site-Library Overview.

Free Images

If you need to use images, you must find free royalty images. Here are some sites. I am using it for the most part. Make sure that attribution is not required. If attribution is required, follow the guidelines to ensure you always use images on your site and avoid getting into any trouble using copyrighted photos/pictures. Do not use copyrighted images on your site. The below sites offer free images, but still, make sure to read the license for the images.

Compression and Optimization for Images for your site

Shortpixel is one of the best plugins to use that helps compress and optimize images. It is essential to reduce the size of pictures for the websites to help improve speed—a great tool to reduce the size of the pictures/images for any site is Shortpixel. Furthermore, their pricing is affordable, but it can get expensive if using a lot of images on your site, but the credits never expire. Review my article on image optimation here

ShortPixel has a WordPress Plugin where you can manage the compression and optimization for your site images. Like with anything take time to read and watch videos on YouTube to learn how to use certain tools. You can watch a great YouTube video that reviews the plugin. Click Here to check it out.

Tinypng is a site where you can drop your PNG and JPG files to do compression; per their site, more than one billion PNG and JPEG images have been optimized. You can compress up to 20 images, and each image max 5MB. And what is great about this service is that using their website to compress images is free.

Design Tools

The design tools are essential to creating your logo, and the best websites to do it for free are Canva and Crello.

Canva Color Wheel

This is a great tool to find out which colors will look good together in designs. If you are preparing a design and want to check out the color combination, this tool definitely will do the trick.

Shorting Long URLs

TinyURL is a free and paid service that will shorten long URLs, making them more pretty. I like this service as you can create a free account, and it offers unlimited Shortened URLs and Unlimited Clicks. This is an excellent resource for sharing links and not getting banned from social media or online platforms when sharing your affiliate links or website links. Example: I shortened my website link to be a TinyURL link to share in my Twitter account.

Bitly is another shortening links service that has a free option. Exploring these free services is great as you start your online business. It is crucial to shortening long affiliate links as they do not look pretty at all. So, explore these services and see which is best for your needs.

Rebrandly is another fantastic option that features a free account option with fast redirects and 5000 clicks tracked per month. Visit their site and see if this could be a great option as you start your business. Using free services is essential not to break the bank if you are not ready to spend or have a big budget.

Pretty Links is another option, and they have three paid plans on their site. However, they have discounted prices, so it is best to check their website for their current fees as they may change.

  • Super Affiliate
  • Marketer
  • Beginner

Pretty Links WordPress Plugin is available and is free. I am a user of the plugin and use it for some of the long links on my site. You can learn more about the plugin in WordPress.Org. It has 300,000+ active installations. The plugin is easy to use to shorten the links within your site.

Email Marketing Tools

MailerLite offers a free account, and I currently use their free option. It is a straightforward platform to use. You have to apply to get approved for an account, and they will email you to approve or decline. Make sure to use an email for your domain to verify that you are the owner of your site—for example, Then, check your email to see if you have been approved.

Website Policies

WebsitePolicies is the site that I am using for all the forms for my Legal menu. Every website needs terms of service and many policies necessary to inform visitors of your terms and conditions, along with disclosures that are necessary to have on websites.

I am using a Paid Service. Why? all websites are different and offer different services. I decided to have a paid service since I cannot write my policies for my site, and many free services had generic policies that were not appropriate for my site. So, I opted to have a paid service.

Site Speed Checker

It is always important to check the speed of your site. There are services free to check the speed of your site. Here are three options that I sometimes use. These are my favorite websites to check my website speed. Below is a picture of the Performance Report for my site using GTMetrix

GT Metrix 8.13.21

More tools to come…