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Affiliate Marketing Sales went from $4 million to $11 million

Affiliate Marketing Sales Went Up

Another example of Affiliate Marketing’s effectiveness

I recently read an excellent interview transcript about how a company dramatically increased its memberships and sales revenue by adopting an affiliate marketing approach. According to the company, their memberships quadrupled.


It’s no secret that a vast number of companies have noticed the effect it can have on their sales, and have ramped up their participation. They offer incentives to on-sell their products and, in return, pay the marketer a piece of each sale price for doing so. One of the significant advantages for companies is that they don’t have to pay a dime until a sale has been made. This seems counterintuitive in the marketing arena where companies typically have to pay upfront for media, be it print, film or otherwise. Using an affiliate marketer opens a ton of new doors.

Companies like Amazon use it to generate tens of millions of dollars in sales annually. Almost any product or service on the planet can in some way benefit from affiliate marketing. Virtually anyone can set up an online business and become an affiliate marketer.

You want WHAT percentage of my sales!

Commission Fee

The owner of the company was initially a non-believer of affiliate marketing and did not particularly like the idea of giving away 30-50% of profits to another group who perhaps weren’t doing a great deal of work for their share of the sales.  Why should a company give away up to half of each sale in commissions?  And you thought Real Estate commissions are high! It sure sounds like a lot to give away, but when you consider that a company doesn’t pay a dime until a sale is made, and their customer reach can increase immensely, there’s nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

It makes perfect sense to partner up with affiliate marketers because they bring so much to the table. They can increase sales many-fold, and sometimes in a very short time. Through affiliate marketing, a company can reach potential customers that they likely would never have contact with. When this company did, the result was pretty amazing.

Think Value:  Affiliate Marketing & The Shark Tank

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Affiliate Marketing Sales went from $4 million to $11 million 6

If you’ve watched the popular TV program called Shark Tank, you will have seen investors and entrepreneurs negotiate back and forth regarding the value that professionals can bring to the table and particularly at the cost of that value.  Entrepreneurs pitching their products often think that the investor’s extensive experience & capital comes at a cost that is too high. Sometimes it does, but in reality, an investor who has a proven track record has a lot of skills, contacts, and resources that the entrepreneur needs to give his business/product the best odds of being successful. Some entrepreneurs see this value and bring the investor on board in exchange for a share of the profits.  The result, as shown on subsequent episodes, is often that sales have increased dramatically. This could not have been achieved without the professional’s expertise.

The same is true of Venture Capital providers.  Even though they do demand a sizable share of a company in exchange for their experience and cash, their involvement can propel a fledgling company into a behemoth. (think Google, Paypal, Facebook, etc.)

The takeaway here is that if someone has the ability to increase your sales exponentially, then it would be prudent to consider the value of their participation seriously. Affiliate marketers fit this narrative very well because it has been proven time and time again, how incredibly effective it can be.

Businesses want to reach a wider audience for many reasons.  Sales may be slowing, or they may be promoting a new product. This is where affiliate marketing really shines. If carried out correctly, a company’s customer reach can go from local to global virtually overnight.

You can read the interview transcript here where the founder explains his decision to use affiliate marketing and how membership quadrupled, with sales going from $4 million to $11 million.

Can I become an Affiliate Marketer?

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There is an enormous opportunity for affiliate marketers to become involved in all market segments and share in sales commissions.  Now is the best time in history to start an online business, help someone or a company out (from the comfort of your home), and get paid a commission for doing so.

Isn’t starting a business expensive? 

Unlike starting a traditional brick-and-mortar business (retail) which does have high startup costs, Affiliate Marketing does not. You can get started for a mere fraction of the cost of regular business.

The company I joined invites you to give it a try for free (no credit card required). They have some of the world’s best online training, and a community of well over One Million members.  There are successful people online most of the time who will answer your questions and help you. When you join, you’ll notice how professional it is and how well laid out the step-by-step training materials are.

Some benefits that online business owners enjoy

  1. No space to rent
  2. No large bank loans
  3. No inventory to buy
  4. No business suits and fancy clothes to buy
  5. No commute to work – less gasoline, repairs, and insurance costs for your car
  6. Freedom to work from anywhere with an internet connection
  7. No Boss breathing down your neck
  8. Peace of mind knowing your building a business that can produce lasting income
  9. Work from home
  10. Spend more time with the family
  11. Set your own schedule
  12. Make money while you are sleeping or on holiday

Wrapping it up

So many people are looking for legitimate information on how to start their own online business. They want the possibility of providing lasting and regular income and don’t want to be scammed by some get-the-rich-quick scheme.  We will not pretend that Affiliate marketing requires little or no work, and anyone who promises you riches overnight is lying to you.  Like anything that lasts, it does take dedication and effort, but you can do it in your spare time at your own pace.

There are excellent online tools and many successful people who can save you a lot of time by sharing their secrets so that you won’t repeat their mistakes. Check out this offer that is free to join.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

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