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SEO Explained


For every website, whether they are just starting out or have been around for a while, getting web traffic is extremely important. You might have pages on different social media that will guide people to your website, but what you need is to get that high ranking on search pages like Google or Bing so that people see your website as soon as they search for something relevant to it. The best way to do this is SEO.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is a great way for you to rank higher on search engines. It is the method of increasing the quantity as well as the quality of your web traffic. This practice makes use of keywords and references to make your page rank higher. SEO tactics are focused on delivering exactly what the searcher wants. This is improved by the use of phrases that would most commonly be searched for. It is advised that you make content that is relevant to the masses and is searched for.

How SEO works?

As mentioned earlier, SEO works towards getting you to the top of any search engine result. But first, we need to understand how search engines work. Google, for example, wants to give their searcher the best possible result and in milliseconds. To do this their algorithms run through millions of possibilities to get the best ones on top. Their relevance is decided by how many times the website has been visited previously for the same inquiry, whether it has the required keywords and whether they have references from other websites that have increased traffic. Now, it may seem like new websites have no chance of getting ranked on the first page but that is not true. With good content and enough keywords, you will markedly increase the odds of being ranked.

SEO Marketing for Beginners

Make your website user-friendly.
If you are just starting your website, naturally will want the best odds of getting high rankings on search engines, so the first thing you need to do is to make the website user-friendly. SEO works for websites that have an easy navigation forum and that are understandable by the masses.

If you are just starting your website and want the best chance of getting high

Make your website mobile-friendly.

It is also essential that you ensure your website is mobile-friendly. If your site is not compatible with a smartphone, your visitors will find it difficult to view your content on a mobile device. Google has moved toward Mobile-first Indexing. This means that their algorithms will primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank the pages. Around 70% of today’s searches are done on mobile devices, so making your website user-friendly is extremely important.

The SEO marketing best practices for your website are mentioned above. Adding to that you should also maintain the security of your website. Google will not show your website as one of the first links if your website has been hacked or if it has too many advertisements on it. People do not like to be spammed when they are searching for something, and search engines are all about making their users happy.

Lastly, SEO is a very useful tool that should be used by new sites as well as existing ones to bring their content to the top of search results and to increase the traffic on their web pages. I found Google’s SEO Guide which has helped me understand a bit more about SEO.

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