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Living a Healthy lifestyle also means eating the food you love, taking vitamins, and taking care of your skin as well.

I would like to share one of my favorite products that I bought from Amazon. I am very happy with it. It is durable, and it helps me keep my skin looking nice. I am prone to getting darker marks on my skin due to my combination / Oily skin that often comes with olive skin color. In July 2016, I started researching, exfoliating or cleansing brushes. I came across this wonderful product and purchased it on August 2, 2016. I read a lot of reviews with the majority tending to be five (5) stars, and more than 2K customer reviews overall, so I decided to buy it.  I love the product, here are the reasons why. If I am not 100% satisfied with a product, I will return it right away.

  • The product is lightweight
  • Waterproof – great for use in the shower (Use Wet or Dry)
  • A bigger brush for the body – I use my favorite exfoliator cream or body wash
  • 1 Small Microdermabrasion Face brush
  • 1 Sensitive Face Brush
  • 1 Pumice Stone to smooth any rough patches on my heels and feet
  • The battery lasts a long time

Here are the benefits I have experienced, which are lovely since I have very delicate skin that marks easily.

  • It helps keep my skin clear
  • I don’t have that many skin breakouts
  • Even toned
  • Scars on my legs that are less noticeable now
  • Silky-smooth skin

When I first received the product, I wished that the hand-held unit would have been a little longer, but once I tried it was no big deal. I love it.  Amazingly, this product still looks like new.

How do I keep it looking new?   I just took the pictures on the unit on November 19, and this is the unit I bought back in August 2016.

  • Once I use it. I dry it. Just run a little towel, and it gets dry fast.
  • I rinse the brushes after each use as I like to keep them very clean without the residual of the products used. If I forget it is no big deal. Once I rinse next time it is fine.

It is gentle enough that I can use it daily for my body. For my face, I use it twice or three times a week.

Why it has helped me?

Since my skin gets marked very easily. This product has helped me reduce scratches, acne/pimple scars, and blemishes that would otherwise turn darker over time.  This product has helped me a great deal, but of course, you must use proper microdermabrasion products and good-quality facial cleansers.

Taking care of myself is important to me, including my skin, my hair, my nails. Etc.  We all like to save money by buying affordable products.  Just make sure that they are good quality.

By the way, men can use this product too. Taking care of your face and body should be important for both men and women.

Where to buy:

I hope you find this review very helpful. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Skin Care Face and Body”

  1. Taking care of our health is important but apart from taking care of our health, taking care of our skin is equally important. The type of food we eat can have an effect on our skin and also, the sought of cream we apply on our skin can as well have a good or bad effect on our skin.

    Making use of a cream that is trusted and also have a lot of recommendations is important. Due to the type of
    skin, I have I am very picky on the sought of creams I rub on my skin and the essential skin solutions you recommended seems would be ideal for me. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Hi Jay,  

      Thanks for visiting my site. I am glad that you found this review helpful. Yes, applying just any cream is difficult. It is  a personal choice depending on the type of skin. I am very picky too. The Essential Skin Solutions is a system of brushes to care for the skin with our favorite’s creams or soaps we use for our face and body. Eating right, and our lifestyle affects our health. My issue is I have combination oily skin, which makes it tough. I love this product and it is durable, well-made and practical and best keeps my pores clean, and it helps me tone my skin color as I use it with my favorite cleansers.



  2. Thank you for sharing with us this fantastic review.Every woman dream to have a beautiful skin and smooth.Some products are said to be good at our skin but anytime we use it we found it is not as good as they told us.

    I like this review because you have personal experience as you are using the product and that makes this product legit.

    I have the skin with many spots and some scars on my legs ,so i need this product to help my skin becomes clear and smooth.

    I saw the link and i bookmarked your website,anytime i get money ,i will order it through this website.

    • Hi Julienne,

      I like sharing my own experiences because it is important to share the good benefits. It is difficult sometimes to decide. Along with this particular product, I am using some excellent microdermabrasions from Amazon too, that have tried, and they are good quality as well. I struggle with my skin, so using products like this has helped me a great deal.

      I am glad that you found this information helpful.



  3. Hi Ana, great review and thank you for confirming something I already know about Essential Skin Solutions. 

    Like you, I also believe that a healthy lifestyle is not only about eating the right kinds of food or taking health supplements and regularly engaging in  physical activities; it also includes taking care of our skin. 

    I’ve been using this product for almost a year now and use it every other day on my body. I would like to use it everyday but I find this routine a bit time consuming so I decided to use it only 3-4 times a week  on my body and twice a week on my face. I also love the stone to smooth out and brush off the dead skin cells on my heels. 

    This is a great product that I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a clear, even toned and smooth skin.

    • Hi Alice, 

      I am glad that you are using this product too, and I agree with
      you; It is important to care for our bodies in many different ways.

      Our lifestyle is a factor that contributes to our overall health.

      Thank you for visiting my site.



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