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The Minimum Wage

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Minimum Wage

Are you tired of making peanuts?


Are you fed up being paid so little, while others are getting much larger paychecks?

Minimum wages do not necessarily cover people’s minimum living expenses. More of us these days need to supplement our income with 2nd and sometimes, even 3rd jobs. We are told that inflation is low and wages are rising, but many of us don’t seem to be seeing this in our own lives. Some people don’t even get a pay increase for five years or more at a time, and yet almost everything continues to go up in price every year.

Been grocery shopping lately?

Have you noticed that some grocery items jump in price up to 20% (or more) in one increase? And I’m not referring to seasonal items either. It amazes me (and annoys me) that a $2 item can suddenly increase to $2.50. Grocery prices can fluctuate wildly. In my opinion, sales are nothing more than a “hook” to get me into a store, and then use other techniques to have me spend as much money as possible, especially on non-discounted items. With $100 you cannot buy much at the stores anymore.


Gasoline is one of the few items that can actually go down in price for long stretches, but that too inevitably climbs higher over the years. And we all know that it can double (or more) in a single year if something weird happens in the world’s oil-producing areas. And now gas prices have increased price making it very hard for everyone.

From personal experience, I know how difficult earning low wages can be.

I came from very limited means myself. I know what is like, going without, and I can relate to people on a very tight budget. There’s a constant knot in your stomach, caused by the constant awareness that you are only one emergency away from serious financial trouble. I have experienced it myself with my Dad, whose salary was the minimum wage for many years. It was incredibly difficult, and we often had to go without many things, including, on occasion food! As for savings and putting money away or investing for retirement …. forget it, it was just not possible!

Personally, when I look at the list below, I cannot see one single item that has not risen in price every year. I’m sure you can add a few of your own too.

  1. Clothing
  2. Food
  3. Rent / Housing costs (they have skyrocketed, especially in CA)
  4. Home Goods
  5. Automobiles & related expenses
  6. Cell phones & related plans
  7. Cable TV and related services
  8. International calls (for those with family abroad)
  9. Healthcare & related services
  10. Travel

I know people who get a pay raise almost every year; however, their employer health care and insurance plans usually increase by a similar amount, so they don’t really ever get a wage increase that contributes meaningfully toward everyday expenses. This is a very troubling issue because the vast majority of the population is in fact falling behind every year, with no end in sight.

Yes, you can scrape by on inadequate paychecks, but what is your quality of life? And what’s your retirement going to look like?

Did you know?

In 2017, 1.8 million workers in the U.S. had wages at or below the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. … Bureau of Labor Statistics, March 2018

Most jobs in the U.S.
pay under $29 / hr

has over 130 million jobs

18 million jobs pay $10 or less per hour

63 million jobs pay $10-$20 per hour. You can read more here.

In 2016, almost 80 million workers in the United States age 16 or older were paid hourly rates. This represented 59% of all wage and salary workers. … Bureau of Labor Statistics, April 2017

These numbers are staggering, to say the least.

Job stability is a thing of the past. Now we even have to worry if our job is going to be there for us next week or next month. Things can change quickly, and it’s easy to get caught off guard. Gone are the days of a 50-year career working for the same company and then getting a gold watch and an excellent retirement plan. A lot of companies hire workers as contractors and don’t even offer healthcare and retirement plans.

So it’s up to us, and us alone, to take control of our own financial future. Yes, it will be difficult. Yes, it will be time-consuming. Yes, it will take discipline. But the alternative is years or even decades of worry and a mediocre retirement. I for one, am not going to accept that!

There are alternatives out there to get ahead, and starting your own online business is one of them.

Starting your own online business

There are only so many coupons you can clip and limits to how low you can keep your housing and other expenses. The only way to get ahead is to earn more money. And that means either taking another job or starting your own business. To many, this sounds like something only college-educated and or rich people can do. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are living in a time where there are billions of people in the world with access to the internet, and many of them want and need other people’s help. You can become someone who can offer help to these people.

Can I really start a business, when I’ve only ever worked for someone else?

I don’t have a business degree or any business training.

Creating and running your own online business does take effort and persistence, but you do not need a business degree to do it. In fact, many online entrepreneurs didn’t have any prior business experience or training at all prior to starting their businesses. And many young people didn’t even have any kind of job before starting their online business.

Doesn’t start my own business cost a lot of money?

Avoid traditional business expenses such as:

  • Renting space
  • Buying stock
  • Getting a Bank loan
  • Commuting to and from the location
  • Buying appropriate clothing
  • Printing stationery
  • Hiring staff

An online business is by far less costly to start. All you really need is a computer, an internet connection, and the right group of people to help you get started by teaching you the ins and outs.

How much can I make & how long will it take?

In life, there are no overnight successes or instant riches (except for a few lucky lottery winners)!

Anything that builds consistently and lasts a long time requires quite a bit of time. A regular job pays a steady paycheck, but the upside is generally quite limited and is pretty much determined by the number of hours you work. In other words … it’s not scalable. An online business, on the other hand, offers the prospect of virtually unlimited income potential. If you are prepared to put in the time, it is a business that can produce a very nice monthly income, some of which can occur while you are sleeping or are away from work. It is a beautiful thing!

Will someone help guide me through the process?

There are a lot of very successful and talented people who are willing to help you get started. Exceptional training tools, videos, and chat rooms allow you to track your progress and build your business. There is help available every step of the way if you want it.

Advantages of starting Your own online business

Starting your own online business is a great way to be your own boss and have the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. It has plenty of advantages, from having control over your work schedule to increasing potential earnings. Here are some of the main benefits associated with starting an online business.

Your Online business future

First and foremost, there’s the convenience of working from home or wherever you choose. You don’t need to commute or take off time for meals, or dress up and spend a lot of money on clothes; you can simply log in and start making money whenever you want. Additionally, with an online presence, customers from all over the world can access your products or services.

Now is a great time to take control of your financial future!
You can start your online business for free

Just Imagine:

Having enough money in the bank to cover a year or more of expenses

Seeing additional income coming in every month

The peace of mind of knowing that no emergency will wreck your finances


Personally, I am determined to be financially free and want to, as much as possible, control my own future, especially in the financial area. If you do, too, I invite you to check out where I started my online training journey. It could be one of the best decisions you’ll make. Start your online training by receiving five Free Courses.

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