Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle During COVID-19

Tips for a Healthy Life Style

After the lockdowns started happening in March for many people globally, COVID-19 disrupted all of our plans for 2020.

That includes our health, wellness, and fitness goals for the year.

When you’re stuck at home full-time, even if your job allows for telecommuting, it promotes passive activities. You must make conscious choices to remain active while adapting to this “new normal.”

The best thing you can do for yourself during COVID-19 is to make conscious choices about your diet and exercise routines. Here are some ideas that can help, that have helped me during this time.

How to Stay Healthy When Stuck at Home

Working from home was the dream of many before COVID-19 changed everything. Now that millions of people are free from their offices, they’re finding it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Implementing these options can be the first step toward a healthier you.

Create designated zones for everything you do.

When you are working, your surroundings must support that mindset. Sending emails from bed or turning your coffee table into a desk may not be conducive to that need. It helps to create zones for your personal, professional, and health needs to transition between each activity.

Follow a set schedule for your day.

If your 30-minute commute disappeared because of COVID-19, that’s time you could spend on your fitness goals. Having a loose outline of what to expect makes it easier to stay on task. Prioritizing your workload, exercise, or nutritional needs at specific times ensures that you won’t be as passive. You will want to set a definitive start and finish for your responsibilities as part of this structure.

It helps to place a workout on your calendar with the same priority emphasis as a work meeting. You’ll discover that being home actually makes it harder to work on your fitness.

Get your meals and snacks prepped the night before.

Once you get started on a project, it can be challenging to put things down to take breaks when working from home. Since COVID-19 may not let you run out to grab snacks at your favorite spot, it helps get your supplies ready the evening before. When you feel sluggish or hit the afternoon wall, these pick-me-ups will help you to keep going.

Permit yourself to relax.

It would be best if you created firm boundaries between work and home when telecommuting. The temptation to check emails or messages can get overwhelming at times. It’s okay to permit yourself to take the occasional break.


Whether it is yoga, Pilates, breathing exercises or whatever type of exercise you like, it is helpful to allocate time to do these activities regularly. I enjoy doing breathing exercises, and it helps me to keep my stress levels down.

Try to get out of the house when you can.

It helps to get out of the house when working at home full-time at least once per day. Even under a full lockdown protocol, taking a drive around your neighborhood can be a therapeutic experience. It also keeps my car running okay. I don’t drive every day around my area, but at least once a week. Even taking a 5-10-minute break to go out in your backyard, any outdoor activities help get the blood pumping again. Of course, following the guidelines place for any at homestay orders.


Instead of trying to get 10,000 steps, you might opt for 30 minutes of moderate exercise doing something you love. When you commit to being active each day, it’ll be much easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I enjoyed dancing, so I started dancing one song a day for about 5 minutes and jumping on my trampoline.

These are some of the tips that help me personally during these times as I work from home—still following the safety protocols when I go out. Wearing a mask, and only going out for essentials. Also, check with your physician before starting any exercise routine.

For Covid-19 information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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