Surprising Insights: Life on the Fiverr Platform

Surprising Insights: Life on the Fiverr Platform

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Please note my post contains affiliate links, and I may receive a commission if you click on them at no extra cost to you.

Fiverr Work From Home

Fiverr is a unique opportunity for global freelancers. You can advertise your skills for free, create gigs, and start reaching out to customers.

The transactions are straightforward. Buyers send their money to Fiverr to hire you. When you deliver the requested items as a seller, the completed orders transfer the cash to you in a little over two weeks (or in 7 days for top accounts).

Fiverr gets a 20% commission on your generated income or $1 for every $5 you earn. Although that cost seems high to some, you don’t need to pay for web hosting, manage a site, or handle credit card processing software to be in business.

Payment can go to PayPal, the Fiverr card, or directly to your bank account.

How to Get Noticed on Fiverr

The issue for new sellers on Fiverr is that it can be challenging to get noticed. With some freelancers having over a decade of experience using the platform, most customers will trend toward those people first.

What can you do to get noticed? Instead of reaching out to ask for gigs, treat your listings as a business opportunity.

You can start by marketing your services locally. Hand out business cards to family and friends. You might talk to businesses in your community who might need your help. When you start building from the ground up, you’re creating a firm foundation for your future success.

If orders do come in for you, complete them to the best of your ability. Deliver before your deadlines whenever possible, guarantee your work’s quality, and be willing to make revisions if you missed something.

Why Choose Fiverr Over Other Freelancer Websites?

Fiverr is a unique structure because it’s more of a marketplace than a hiring venue. You can find goods and services in hundreds of categories to meet your specific needs.

Since it is a global community, you can work with talented sellers in ways that traditional websites may not offer. Each order has the power to transform lives!

Fiverr offers some protections to buyers in case things aren’t delivered as described. You have the option to request revisions if the ordered product doesn’t meet your expectations. If a seller is overdue on a project for over 24 hours, you can cancel without any questions and get your money back.

Fiverr also offers several levels of support to help you find what you want. Their Pro category features vetted providers who offer top-tier services at premium prices when you need something specific.

Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger launched Fiverr in February 2010. Although the platform has gone through several changes since those first days, it is still a top 100 website in the United States and a top 200 site globally. The company reported over $107 million in revenue for FY 2019.

More information about the company is available on their website, and you can sign up as a buyer, seller, or both during your visit.

You can also read my article on 7 Top Tips for Fiverr Users. I personally use Fiverr and I have found their services to be very useful.


In conclusion, Fiverr is a great opportunity for freelancers to advertise their skills and services and create gigs and start reaching out to customers. It’s a free way to set up your freelance business and start growing no matter where you are in the world.

You can sign up for Fiverr with no credit card or payment information, and it’s always free to list your services. So Get started now by creating your first gig!

Surprising Insights: Life on the Fiverr Platform 5


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