Women Starting Your Own Business: What You Need to Know

Women Starting Your Own Business

Starting a business a tremendous and often exciting prospect, but not an easy journey to begin. There are many reasons why someone may want to start a business, and it can be to create financial stability or simply challenge themselves and succeed at something they love. Another reason is that nowadays, we see that women are influencers and are thriving more than ever.

The number of women owning a business is growing, and it is likely to keep rising as more opportunities are available to thrive. Per Fundera, they highlight and provide an excellent summary about 17 stats to know. You can read the article by clicking here. Fantastic prospects for anyone wanting to start a business.  So, what could be the challenges that women face when starting a business?

To put it briefly: an enormous part of the challenges that women like me face is themselves—writing from my point of view. At least for me was fear of failure, lack of knowledge, and funding.

The US Small Business Administration has many resources for starting a small business with many tools available you can check this page titled, women-owned businesses. Planning and find adequate resources are a must. If you are considering starting a small business, visit this site.

Financing your business will be another consideration, depending on the type of business and how much you will need to begin with.

What about happiness for Women-Owned Businesses. In 2021 I found this fantastic article that talks about Women doing business 2021. Most importantly, how many women, despite the many challenges faced in 2020, are thriving and have reported being happy.

Being a female could be a reason to doubt starting a business; my own experience and yours can be different, but once I decided I am happy now, I have started my online business.

Are you thinking of starting your business journey? Here’s what you would like to recognize.

Consider the following indicators when starting a business:

Trust Yourself

1. Trust your instinct. As I shared, women are more likely to doubt themselves due to fear. Learn to maneuver past your doubts, fear, anxiety, and trust yourself.  Become knowledgeable.

  • Accept that doubting yourself and fear of the unknown are perfectly normal feelings when starting anything new, in this case, a business.
  • Reasons for doubting yourself? Determine whether it is facts or just pure doubts.  
Money Relationship

2. Emphasize your money approach. Understanding and creating a strong relationship with money. Like with anything, money has its place for women business owners.

How do you feel about money?

  • Do you have trouble receiving money, raising prices, or asking for money? Why?
  • How do you feel about investing in your business?
  • How do you feel about paying yourself a monthly or yearly income?
  • How do you think about not getting a quick return on your investment?
Networking Support

3. Networking, finding support.  Simply because you’re starting a business doesn’t mean that you merely need to barge alone. When starting a business, there’ll be bridges you’ve got to cross and moments you’ll want to celebrate. Here are some ideas

  • Join or start your own mastermind.
  • Become a member of a business community for your type of business.
  • Join like-minded female entrepreneurs online or out for coffee.
  • Attend business conferences or events.
  • Chamber of Commerce in your area great way to network
Be Determined Challenges

4. Be determined. Unexpected issues and challenges are going to be thrown your way as you begin a business.

  • Be able to show up even through difficult times and complex challenges. If you discover yourself eager to hand over, there’s an underlying reason at the basis of that. Find out how to point it out up even once you want to quit.
  • Determination, perseverance, and optimism are going to be essential to succeed and keep going.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Challenge yourself to not take “no” for a resolution.

Benefits Products

5.Benefits.  One of the foremost vital lessons in business is knowing that folks buy benefits, not products. The product itself has to be a solution that will help them with their needs.

  • What will your business do to impact your customer’s life?
  • What kind of value do your customers receive as a result of your business?
  • What change will your product or service bring to your customers’ life?

Starting a business is often a moving process where you challenge your current beliefs and grow. What’s most vital is not to let doubt or be hard on yourself get in the way to get started with your dreams. Most importantly, do not let fear control you to find the resources, get the facts, and become knowledgeable.

You don’t need to start with millions. Start little by little and with a commitment to work every day. I started this website with minimal funds, as you can read about me. I come from limited means.

Will and Desire

Conclusion: As I wrote this article, my grandmother, mother, and sisters come to mind. My paternal grandmother owned a small restaurant in her 30’s-40’s, and all my sisters owned small bakeries. The women in my family have run small businesses ever since I can remember.

My mother-in-law owned a clothes shop for over 30-years. She retired at 79 years old. Amazing! They are my inspiration!

Anyone with the “will” and the “desire” can start any business they have a passion for.

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