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Women working from home

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Women Working From Home

Many women juggle multiple tasks in their lives. Working from home is a dream for some, and a necessity for others.

As women, most of us run a household, look after our family (which can also include aging parents), do laundry, clean the house and manage finances, etc.  Yeap, keeping it all together can be a challenge.  Many of us would love some additional income to take some of the load off, without the need to work for a company and to be able to do it from home.

Single income families are pretty much a thing of the pastor seem to be available only to the rich. So how can we join that seemingly exclusive club where only one adult has to commute to work? I believe we are actually living at a great time in history for this to be possible, and thousands of women are doing it as you’re reading this.

Working from home is not just reserved for younger or middle-aged women with a young family.  Many women in retirement (or approaching retirement) have the same opportunity. In fact, retirees often have more time to set up an income opportunity from home because the youngsters have left home (hopefully) and things around the house are not quite so hectic.

Young or not-so-young  ….  it doesn’t matter. Start your business today!

Successful women working from home is on the rise! 

successful women working from home

Some considerations for working at home

When I was looking at how to start a business from home, I needed to identify my critical requirement carefully. Was it the need for just more money, or did I want to build something more sustainable? Did I want to work for a company or did I want to own it? Did I want it to be scalable and to produce income even if I wasn’t fully engaged – perhaps even when I was on vacation. Wouldn’t that be nice!

For all of us, a number of personal factors will determine the most desirable option. This may include such things as existing spousal income, current cash position, location, qualification requirements, etc.

Starting one’s own business generally has a longer delay before the money starts coming in. This is especially so with an online business versus more of a consulting situation. Working remotely for a company has the benefit of an immediate paycheck.

Part of my decision-making process was to divide work-from-home business types into a shortlist. I put the immediate paycheck option at the top, followed by other options that also provide an opportunity to build something very scalable and more long term oriented. I was also very interested in a residual income component. After all, everyone would like to make money when they are not working!

Here is my starting point list:

  1. Working remotely for an existing company:   immediate paycheck, work from home
  2. Setting up your own consulting business:   own boss, scalable
  3. Setting up an online affiliate marketing business:   own boss, very scalable, residual income

Like with anything, each of these options has its pros and cons and are very personal decisions. For me, it ultimately came down to whether or not an immediate paycheck or long term scalability was the priority. Since I already had a full time and 2nd job, I really wanted to replace it with a work from home online opportunity. The prospect of reaching millions of potential customers was very exciting to me.

Working remotely for an existing company

woman working on computer

This option will provide a direct paycheck and has the flexibility of working from home. So the need to commute to and from work is eliminated.  Depending on the type of work and deadlines required by your employer, you may or may still not be able to set your own hours, and it will depend on the pre-arrangement. Although this option provides a regular paycheck, it does come with the downside that you could be terminated on short notice, just like regular employment. After all, you are still working for someone else, even though you are doing it remotely. This option is not scalable because you will be working for either a salary or an hourly rate.

Setting up your own consulting business

consulting business

Perhaps you have a unique qualification or skill set that that is in demand and puts you in an excellent position to sell your services to various clients.

This option can definitely be scaled if you are creative enough. For example, you may have a turn-key service you can offer to many clients at the same time for a set or monthly fee. This way you can create multiple streams of income selling the exact same service and not having to customize it for each client. Perhaps you can hold monthly training sessions for a group of clients at the same time. Conversely, you could offer a very specialized service to select clients and command a much higher price per client than a turn-key service. There may be some commuting with this consulting, because some clients may demand face-to-face contact, at least initially.

You can still set up your own consulting business even if you don’t have qualifications in a specific field.  All you need is to be able to solve people’s problems.

Perhaps you have figured out a way to help people get more customers for their business, and you’ve already seen good results with one or two clients. And why not package it and sell it to many other clients who are in the same line of business. This will exponentially scale your business and therefore your income, without the need to create a new product/service for each client. People are making a lot of money doing this.

Setting up an online affiliate marketing business:

setting online affiliate marketing

This option very scalable and can produce virtually unlimited income. More than 3 billion people have access to the internet and everyone, at some point or another, is looking for information of some kind. Why not help them with this!

  • People may be inquiring about such things as:
  • How to make money from home
  • How to build a website
  • How to do email marketing
  • How to become a millionaire online
  • How to expand an existing online business
  • How to make money online for retirees

Many millions of people are unhappy with their current jobs. They hate the commute, they hate their boss (and some co-workers), they don’t like how many hours they have to work, and they don’t like the fact that they just don’t seem to be getting ahead in life. On top of this many are worried if they’ll have enough money for retirement, or even if they’ll ever be able to retire.

Also, with millions of people retiring every month from the Baby Boomer generation, there are plenty of people looking for ways to supplement their retirement income, and online is the place they all go to find out how they can do this.

There are many online affiliate programs available where you can earn affiliate-related income. In order to do this successfully, it is necessary to learn the skills required to promote affiliate products and services. And you need expert help to do this. So make sure you team up with people who have already made a lot of money doing this and are teaching others to do it.

These super successful people can help you learn how to:

  • Build and set up your own website
  • Getting your business rolling
  • Content creation
  • Giving your website social value
  • Creating your brand
  • Learning about audiences and referrals
  • And much more …..


Life can be a challenge. As humans, we tend to want to kick the can down the road. We often postpone things until the next day, week, month, and even year. Starting your business now may well be the best decision you will ever make.

Click Start your business today! to learn more about how you can start today for free.


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