Xtendlife Vitamins for Men and Women Benefits

My Husband and I have been buying Xtendlife vitamins and some of their other products since September 2011, and now consider them an essential part of our daily nutrient intake. My husband shared with me that a close friend had been looking for the best vitamins in the world, and he believed that he had found them with the Xtend-Life products from New Zealand. We decided to give them a try and checked out the Xtend-Life website.

Decrease Menstrual Cramps

I used to suffer from excessive menstrual cramps since I was a teenager. Every month I was having annoying headaches lasting one to two days prior to my period. I had to endure pain, and I was embarrassed to share this information with my friends or family. My dad was the only one that knew, and he sometimes would actually come to school to pick me up to take me home. I used to take Advil, Tylenol or Ibuprofen to help me alleviate the pain and be able to function. I know that many other women may also experience this.

Daily Vitamins for two months

For the next two months, I took my Women’s vitamins daily. Little did I know that these vitamins were going to start regulating my whole system. I started to feel so much better with my overall health. My periods only gave me minor discomfort and after about three months of taking the vitamins and my premenstrual pain almost completely disappeared. The headaches were nonexistent, and I was feeling so much better overall. I have been taking these vitamins ever since and have never looked back. At one point in my life, I was working a full-time and part-time job, and I have to say that these vitamins are amazing. I have kept healthy through the years whilst working sometimes 70+ hour weeks. I would never be without these vitamins. And ever get a cold and have not had the flu in years.

Overall Benefits I have personally experienced

  • No more menstrual cramps
  • Energy level is great
  • My skin looks great
  • Healthy hair

My husband experienced

My husband is a huge fan of these vitamins. He doesn’t get the flu or colds and he firmly believes that his overall good health is in part due to the Xtend-Life.

Our Experience with xtendlife natural products

I hope my experience, which is very personal may help anyone reading this and like me, you may just change your life for the better by giving these wonderful natural products a try.

Xtendlife sells an extensive range of products for men, women and children.
Here is a list of our favorite vitamins.

  • Total Balance Women’s
  • Total Balance Women’s Premium
  • Total Balance Men
  • Total Balance Men’s Premium
  • Zupafood Elite
Men and women vitamins 1
zupa food elite package

Great vitamins!

Please visit the Xtendlife website to learn more about what makes these health supplements so unique.

They offer free worldwide shipping on orders over $60, and are located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

13 thoughts on “Xtendlife Vitamins for Men and Women Benefits”

  1. Hi,
    It seems you have found a miracle cure for women’s problems. I am a firm believer if something works go for it. It seems from your personal experience with Xtenlife health supplements that they work and work well too.
    I loved the articles you wrote, they seemed very compassionate. I also like the clean lines of your website, it’s also easy to navigate.

    I wish you success with your website.

    Take Care


    • Hi Janet,

      Thank you for your comment and yes, I don’t share much about personal experiences, but I have been hearing this is a very common issue for women and I thought why not share it. We in my family enjoy these products and the benefits have been amazing for us. Thank you, I am very passionate about helping others. My line of work deals with helping others.



  2. I might actually have to talk to my fiance about us getting these. Though, they sound too good to be true. Have you experienced any negative drawbacks?

    • Hi Tori,

      Thank you for leaving this comment. I would say go into the link, it takes you straight to Xtendlife products read about them, they have great information about their products. I started taking them as my vitamin daily intake and the benefits that my husband I experienced have been just amazing. We do take them daily.



  3. Hi Ana,

    Menstrual cramps are horrible! Not only does my girlfriend suffer from the pain, but I also suffer as well. I am definitely going to share your information with my girlfriend and if it helps. You will be my latest lifesaver!


    • Hi Eric,

      Yes, they are indeed and I truly believe that our significant others can help. My husband was very supportive and I am really lucky that he did so many things for me. Yesterday, we were discussing how amazing it is to be happy even when I am on those days. My dad also was absolutely understanding. I am glad you will try to help your girlfriend. I believe having a support system is important.

      All the best and hope she can find relief.


    • Hi Eric,

      Xtend-Life offers natural quality supplements and they give descriptions for all the ingredients. They are the best supplements we have tried. No kidding the Men’s and Women’s vitamins are full of so many wonderful ingredients. The overall health benefits is amazing. I will be sharing more information on many of the ingredients they use. Not only that, but their guarantee: If anybody is unhappy with their products for any reason they have 365 days to claim a refund. I am serious I take these vitamins daily and I stick to my routine. I will take them as long as they are in existence.


      Thank you.


  4. Hi, nice post!

    I never heard of those before but they look interesting. My wife too has some nasty headaches during menstrual periods. We looked for an extended amount of solutions but nothing did the trick…

    We’re strongly considering the X-tend-Life vitamins but have a question in case you had the answer, do you know if diabetic people should avoid those?

    Thanks a lot! 🙂

    • Hi,

      I am sorry to hear about your wife. The symptoms are not fun at all. The Total Balance Women’s Premium vitamins do not have a description or says that a diabetic person cannot take them. There is an FAQ that is very informative that is helpful to decide if they would be beneficial for her, but to be sure, I would highly recommend to read all the benefits on the page when you click on the Total Balance Women’s Premium link, you can do live chat with Xtend-Life Monday thru Friday before ordering. Also, these vitamins is to improve the overall health.

      I explored their website and read about these vitamins back when my husband and I ordered them for the first time. He continues to place the orders for us ever since.

      There are several products for women’s health including one that reduces sugar and one that is for hormonal and PMS.

      Thank you so much and I hope that she can find relief. Please feel free to contact me again if needed.

      All the best,


  5. Nice article!

    What caught my attention the most was the fact that you said your husband doesn’t get colds or the flu which tend to be a constant battle during the fall and winter times. I will have to take a look at these here in the near future!


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