What To Do When Working From Home: 10 Best Organizational Strategies

10 Best Organization Strategies Working From Home

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Excel While You Work at Home!

It takes time how to focus when working from home, so I decided to start implementing some best organizational strategies.

Back in the ’90s, I had not heard that professionals work from home; when I started working. My job requirement was to be in the office. Nowadays working from home has become very common. It sounds like a fantastic idea, and in some cases, it is lovely to work from home.  

Sometimes, some luxuries can be very rewarding, such as wearing your favorite pajamas, wearing your favorite casuals, or perhaps having your 4-legged best friend by your side. If you are lucky to have your favorite pet. Maybe be able to take a break and watch the news or your favorite movie or show. If you are employed by a company, your boss may not be looking over your shoulder to see what you are doing!

In 1999, I got a job working from home and out in the field. Until that time, I had not worked from home, so it was a new experience for me. I worked off and on from home for some of my jobs. But then I went back to work from an office for regular hours up till last year in 2020. But now that I am working from home permanently.

I have to make changes to be successful, be happy, and keep healthy relationships with family, friends, and my virtual coworkers.

But in reality, it definitely has advantages and disadvantages to working from home.  Accomplishing and getting things done can be a challenge. Keeping your sanity is important, and you must caution yourself so you don’t feel overwhelmed! I did for a couple of months.

Use these organizational strategies to enhance your production and make working from home a pleasant experience:

1. Keeping A Schedule.  

Perhaps your company’s hours are super flexible, arrange your routine, with intention. Yeap, being salaried or hourly has a positive and negative effect.  

Keeping a Schedule when working from home
  • Wake up at the same time daily.
  • A little make-up routine goes a long way
  • Daily Work Start Time (mine is at 8:30 am daily)
  • Coordinate Your meals, important as other members may need to do as well
  • The last thing to consider is when to stop working for the day. (working excessive hours can get out of hand)

2. Dress Code.

The dress code subject can be a sticky one for some people; it depends on the type of work, position, and expectations from yourself and your boss. Working from home may have a more flexible dress code, but you may still need to dress up some days, or some days you may not. This is definitely fun for me. In my line of work, I used to be dressing up for meetings, now it is a bit more flexible.

Dress Code Men Women Shorts

3. Your Office Space.

I call this my corner at home, where I do my work. It is an excellent idea if your home has enough rooms, but what if you don’t have a dedicated space. Finding the right balance, especially if other members are also working from home. Considering the phone calls, video calls, and the setup you need at home will make a difference in your day-to-day work.

Office Space

4. Change of Scenery

Everybody has unique personalities, and sometimes people will perform well by spicing up from where they want to work. Some people will take their laptops and work from their back yard, living room, bedroom, and many from a coffee shop.

Change of Scenery

5. The New Trend of Video Conference

Companies have changed to new ways for employees to interact with one another. The usage of videos for meetings now almost to 100% are video calls: teams, Zoom, FaceTime, Meet Now (Skype), Meet Google. Participation in video calls, whether scheduled or last-minute still a requirement while working from home. Be prepared! Participating in these calls keeps anyone connected, and it is positive to interact with your coworkers or external business partners.

Video Conferencing

6. Breaks

Taking breaks is essential to help maintain good schedules, but it also helps renew a tired mind besides it will be an excellent opportunity to check on crucial family tasks. Exercising, stretching even for a few minutes.


7. Meals

this can get seriously tough. Preparing meals ahead is beneficial, so you do not skip meals. Or eat more than you want to either. Having your regular meals is essential because working from home doesn’t mean it will not get challenging. Depending on the weather: during wintertime, a good idea is to cook your favorite soup on Sundays, freeze some in small containers, and you can have ready soups for at least three days. Preparing meals ahead of time that can last for the next day is a great way to help you with your schedule.

Meals Delicious

8. Snacks

I like eating healthy snacks in between my meals, avoiding sugary for me. I do it very simply because I prepare my little containers the day before, so they are ready.


9. What about the other family members at home

All other members are part of the daily routine. Working from home doesn’t mean you are available for what they may need. Having an understanding that you are still working from home, and you have responsibilities for your job. If you have your office space, create a generic label with a smiley face, stick it somewhere visible. Your sign can be Please Do not disturb. Be back soon, love you. Write down the time, to avoid interruptions.

Example: My hubby and I have a note we both put outside our doors that says, sorry, please do not come in: Conference Call/Working. Be back soon! Love you! ? Emergencies come in!

Other Family Members

10. Do one thing you love to free your mind 

Allowing yourself to do something for enjoyment and pleasure will change the way your day will be. This is my favorite list while working from home.

Do One Thing You Love
  • Breathing exercises do wonders (5-10 minutes when I wake up)
  • Take a walk around your home ( taking a break)
  • Drive around the block
  • Exercising the Mind – listen for 10 minutes to your favorite music or play a game
  • Meditate
  • Dance to your favorite song that will get you in a good mood
  • Play with your pet
  • Take a break to speak to someone that will uplift you, A person with A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

It is crucial to disconnect from “work tasks” and do “work-life balance” to attend to ourselves and our families.

Having the opportunity to work from home provides extra time with the family. Still, it has downsides, troubleshooting and turning it into the best possible experience depends on each person and their situation. Whether you are working for yourself, for an employer, or running your own business from home, permit yourself to set boundaries and embrace the freedom of working from home!

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